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Google AdSense provides a free, flexible way to earn money from your websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads.


AdSense has helped over two million partners grow their businesses in the last 10 years. Have AdSense fund your content so you can focus on creating even more.

Why Adsense

Two million publishers can't be wrong, see why publishers around the world are seeing success with AdSense.

  • Access to advertisers

    • Access Google's vast advertiser pool without having to maintain individual relationships.

      More advertisers means:

      • More competition for your ad spaces
      • More relevant ads
      • Ads for all your online content
  • High quality ads

    • Before ads appear on your site, they're reviewed by real people and clever machines. The review process takes into account a variety of factors, including the quality of the ad and target audiences.


  • Robust targeting

    • AdSense's innovative targeting options allow advertisers to more precisely reach their desired audiences on your site ó meaning more revenue for you and a better experience for your users. Ads can be targeted based on the content of your site or the interests of your users.

  • Flexible ad controls

    • Protect the value of your brand and make sure your users have a positive experience by choosing how ads are displayed on your site. You can block those you donít want to appear, and manage how your ads are shown by choosing which ad formats you'd like to accept. You can also customize the look and feel of your ads to match your site.



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