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  • Reporting tools

    • The AdSense interface gives you extensive data to help you understand how your ads are performing. Our graphical reporting system shows your performance against various metrics, which you can use to increase the money you make with AdSense.

    Mobile interface

    • AdSense provides you with a dedicated interface that's optimized for mobile devices - giving you quick access to your account. You can easily check your earnings, get important alerts, and view reports without the need for Flash on your phone.

    Adsense Products


    Google AdSense is a flexible, hassle-free way to earn revenue by showing relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content.


    • Revenue from All Your Content
      • We work with over one million advertisers and multiple networks so we can deliver relevant, high quality ads.
      • Our robust targeting ensures ads are relevant to your content and users, helping you earn the most money possible.
    • Controls
      • You have control over the types of ads that can appear on your pages and where you want to show them.
      • You can also block ads that may not be right for your readers, or customize ads to better fit with your site.
    • Insights and Metrics
      • Detailed reports show just how hard your site is working for you.
      • Understand what’s working and how to make more money from your ads.
      • You also get optimization tools and a range of ad formats.
    • Worry free
      • You can sign up today. It's free and easy to use.
      • Our quality screens ensure your site will have ads you can trust.
      • Let your space work for you so you can focus on creating new content.





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