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CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 – Page 16

1     “To help others locate a Web site, the site should be registered with various —–.”

(A)OnLine services

(B)Backbone providers

(C)Search engines

(D)Mail servers


2     “In __________ technique, network communications are analyzed to see whether packets are part of an ongoing dialogue between a sender and a receiver?”

(A)stateful inspection

(B)intrusion detection system

(C)application proxy filtering

(D)packet filtering


3     MS Word supprots minimum zoom upto

(A)0.25     (B)0.15     (C)0.1      (D)0.04


4     Which of the following is a valid conditional formatting operator found in the New Formatting Rule dialog box?

(A)Inbetween      (B)More     (C)Greater than   (D)Outside


5     Comments can be added to cells using

(A)Edit -> Comments

(B)Insert -> Comment

(C)File -> Comments

(D)View -> Comments


6     When you copy a formula Excel erases the original copy of the formula

(A)Excel edits cell references in the newly copied formula

(B)Excel adjusts

(C)absolute cell references

(D)Excel doesnt adjust relative cell references


7     When creating a vertical page break___

(A)The active cell must be A1

(B)The active cell can be anywhere in the worksheet

(C)The active cell must be in row 1

(D)The active cell must be in column A


8     A broadband bus topology requires_______

(A)Unidirectional Transmission

(B)Bidirectional Transmission

(C)Switching Transmission

(D)None of them


9     Wich of the following country code for geographic domain extension is  not correct

(A)jp-Japan (B)cd-Canada      (C)ind-India      (D)All of the above


10    Which one of the following is a valid email (A)address?






11    which of the following is domain name suffixes

(A).com     (B).nat     (C)both of the above    (D)None of the above


12    “Accidently, you made a mistake when working with your document. How can you undo that action?”

(A)Ctrl+X   (B)Ctrl+Y   (C)Ctrl+Z   (D)Ctrl+U



13    What is one way to protect your computer from viruses?

(A)Do not use your computer

(B)Do not download unknown documents or programs

(C)Do not turn your computer off at night

(D)Do not use Microsoft Office Programs


14    Which of the following are word processing software?

(A)WordPerfect    (B)Easy Word      (C)MS Word  (D)All of above


15    In which year was the first email sent?

(A)1982     (B)1992     (C)1977     (D)1971


16    Challenge-Response: is an authentication method that requires a human to respond to an email challenge message

(A)before the original email that triggered the challenge is delivered to the recipient.

(B)after the original email that triggered the challenge is delivered to the recipient.

(C)Both of the above

(D)None of the above


17    Using demographics and related information in a customer database to select the most appropriate recipients for a specific email campaign is called    (A)demographing. (B)Targeting. (C)Both of the above (D)None of the above


18       “A list developed by anyone receiving email, or processing email on its way to the recipient, that includes domains or IP addresses of any emailers suspected of sending spam is called”

(A)Wrong list


(C)Both of the above

(D)None of the above


19    A photo album slide show can be played continuously by using the option of ______________.

(A)Loop continuously

(B)Launch an online broadcast

(C)Use random slide transition

(D)All of these


20    “To Preview a Presentation, Click ________.”

(A)Print Preview button on the Standard Toolbar.

(B)File -> Print Preview

(C)a and b

(D)None of these



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