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CCC Question Answer 2015

CCC Question Papers
CCC Question Papers You are Reading..

CCC Question Answer 2015

CCC Question Papers Quiz – Page 29

61. Different cells which in a row can have different height.
62. Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device.
63. To select an entire document in word, move the pointer to the left of any document text until it changes to a right-pointing arrow, and the double-click.
64. Ctrl + U selects the italics style for the selected text.
65. The full form of ISP is information Source Provider.
66. You can stop using the spelling checker at any time by clicking the close button in the spelling Dialog.
67. Word template does not include style formatting.
68. The Cell/range names are case sensitive.
69. Bullets and Numbering appear in the standard toolbar.
70. The name box is at the left end of the formula bar.
71. Bus topology shares a single channel on which all station can receive and transmit.
72. ALU is a part of CPU.
73. The RFCs core topics are Internet and the TCP/IP protocol suites.
74. It is possible to insert a sheet at the end of the workbook.
75. Every computer system on the Internet has both a domain name and domain address.
76. ISP stands for Internet Security Provider.
77. Domain name .edu describe educational institutions site.
78. Web pages can only be created using JavaScript.
79. You cannot change the Font style of the entire workbook by a single command. It can change only worksheet by worksheet.
80. “In Excel, the delete and clear commands perform the same function.”


Answers for DOEACC CCC Questions –

61. (F) 62. (T) 63. (T) 64. (F) 65. (F) 66. (T) 67. (F) 68. (T) 69. (F) 70. (T) 71. (T) 72. (T)
73. (T) 74. (F) 75. (F) 76. (F) 77. (T) 78. (F) 79. (T) 80. (F)

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