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CCC Question Answer 2015

CCC Question Papers
CCC Question Papers You are Reading..

CCC Question Answer 2015

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper – Page 38

41. One MB is equal to
a. 500 GB
b. 1024 Byte
c. 1000 KB
d. 1024 KB
42. The term often used in starting a computer especially one that loads its operating system from disk is
a. Data compression
b. Bootstrap
c. File transfere protocol
d. Gopher
43. Operating System is the most common type of ……….. software
a. Management
b. Application
c. System
d. Communication
44. What type of software is LINUX?
a. Compiler
b. System Software
c. Utility Software
d. Application Software
45. A Browser is
a. a special folder on the Windows desktop used to keep documents up to date when shared between computers
b. a line that delineates the edge of a program window
c. a software program used for viewing Web pages on the Internet
d. a window that is currently open
46. ……… is used to create a set of documents, such as forms, letters, or labels
a. Data source
b. Main document
c. Mail Merge
d. Mergin document
47. A communication port is used to?
a. Communicate with hard disks
b. Download files
c. Communicate with other computer peripherals
d. None of the above
48. You can check spelling and grammatical mistakes by the ………… option
a. Auto SpellCheck
b. Grammar and Auto SpellCheck
c. Spelling and Grammar
d. Spellcheck
49. The IC chip used in computers is made of
a. Chromium
b. Iron Oxide
c. Silica
d. Silicon
50. Which of the following statements is wrong
a. Windows XP is an operating system
b. Linux owned and sold by Microsoft
c. Photoshop is a graphical design tool by Adobe
d. Linux is free and open source software
State whether the following statement are TRUE or FALSE.
51. The drawing objects and pictures are two basic types of graphics.
52. The transmission of data from a microcomputer to a mainframe computer is called uploading.
53. A microsecond is 1000 times longer than a nanosecond.
54. Computers are programmable calculators.
55. From an e-mail address, one can find out the domain name, where this e-mail address is hosted.
56. Microcomputer systems may be used in homes as well as offices.
57. Computers are fast machines but inaccurate.
58. Business person should understand data processing to communicate well with computer personnel and for using computers.
59. The rate which you can learn more about computer is accelerated once you gain a basic understanding of computers.
60. To be computer literate, you must be able to write computer programs.


Answers for DOEACC CCC Questions –

41. (d) 42. (b) 43. (c) 44. (b) 45. (c) 46. (c) 47. (c) 48. (c) 49. (d) 50. (b) 51. (T) 52. (T) 53. (T) 54. (T) 55. (T) 56. (T) 57. (F) 58. (T) 59. (T) 60. (F)

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