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CCC Model Papers 2013, 2014 & 2015 – Page 12


CCC Model Papers 2013, 2014 & 2015 - Page 12

CCC Model Papers 2013, 2014 & 2015 – Page 12

21 Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit(A)Keyboard(B)Printer         (C)Tape(D)          Arithmetic Logic Unit


22 What is meant by computer literacy?

(A)Ability to write computer programs

(B)Knowing what a computer can and cannot do

(C)Knowing computer related vocabulary

(D)Ability to assemble computers


23 The software application that is used the most often is _____.

(A)word processing   (B)spreadsheet        (C)database   (D)graphical presentation


24 A floppy disk contains

(A)Circular tracks only         (B)Sectors only

(C)Both circular tracks and sectors

(D)None of the above


25 The first page that you normally view at a Web site is its:

(A)Home page          (B)Master page        (C)First page  (D)Banner page


26 What is the function of the justification buttons on the toolbar?

(A) To display a drop-down list of justification options

(B)To display the four options for aligning text

(C)To open the justification dialog box

(D)To center the current line


27 The binary number system has a base

(A)2    (B)4    (C)8    (D)16


28 The arithmetic/logic unit performs the following actions:

(A)checks data for accuracy

(B)”does calculations using addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and division”

(C)”does logical comparisons, such as equal to, greater than,  less than”

(D)     both calculations and logical comparisons


29 CPU reads the information from secondary memory


(B)”First, information is transferred to main memory and from   there, the CPU reads”

(C)Through registers

(D)None of these


30 A plotter is

(A)An input device to produce good quality graphics

(B)An output device to produce drawings and graphics

(C)A fast output device using camera lenses

(D)None of these

31 A _____ is a collection of buttons which represent various operations that can be carried out within an application.

(A)Buttons     (B)Menu        (C)Toolbar     (D)None


32 The topmost bar in any application window is the _____.

(A)It displays the name of the document or application.

(B)Menu bar


(D)Status bar


33 Supercomputers are primarily useful for

(A)Input-output intensive processing

(B)Mathematical intensive scientific applications

(C)Data retrieval operations

(D)None of these


34 E-mail

(A)Cannot address many users

(B)Does not provide protection given to first class mail

(C)Always uses bridge to send messages in different networks

(D)None of these


35 Which of the following is a graphical package?

(A)CorelDRAW          (B)MS-Excel   (C)MS-Word   (D)None of these


36 The gigantic work of simulating the airflow around an entire aircraft can only be done by using fast

(A)Microcomputers    (A)Minicomputers      (A)Supercomputers   (A)None of these


37 Which of the rule mentioned below for range names is incorrect

(A)names cannot be the same as a cell reference

(B)in a range name you are allowed to use spaces or commas

(C)range names can be directly used in formulas

(D)the only separators allowed are underscore characters  nd/or periods between words


38 What is the first step in MS-Word in changing line spacing?

(A)To open the Format menu

(B)To click the Line Spacing button

(C)To select the paragraphs you want to change

(D)To open the Paragraph menu


39 “A mouse, trackball, and joystick are examples of _____.”

(A)pointing devices

(B)pen input devices

(C)data collection devices

(D)multimedia devices


40 The Save As… dialog box can be used

(A)for saving the file for the first time      to save

(B)file by some alternative name

(C)to save file in a format other than Word

(D)All of the above

Answers for DOEACC CCC Questions –

21=    d    22=    c    23=    a    24=    c    25=    a    26=    d    27=    a    28=    d  29=    b    30=       31=    c    32=    d    33=    b    34=    c    35=    a    36=    c    37=    b   38=    c    39=    a    40=    d

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