CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 – Page 17


CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 - Page 17

CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 – Page

21    How can you go back to previous slide during presentation?

(A)Space Bar      (B)Left Arrow key (C)Right Arrow key      (D)Shift key

22    A device has two IP addresses.  This device could be___________

(A)A computer     (B)A gateway      (C)A router (D)Any of the above


23    Web sites contain many pages that can be navigated using _________.     (A)bars      (B)threads  (C)links   (D)strings


24    The hardware device commonly referred to as the brain of the computer is the:

(A)RAM chip.      (B)data input.    (C)CPU.     (D)secondary storage.


25    “To log on to the network, a user must enter their ———————.”    (A)money      (C)username and password      (C)full name (D)job profile


26    DVD stands for

(A)Digital Video Disc

(B)Digital and Video Drive

(C)Disk virtual Drive

(D)Double Volume Density


27    Binary means:

(A)there are two possibilities: on and off.

(B)the same as a byte: 8 bits.

(C)”there are three options: 0, 1, and 2.”

(D)that computers really need to have three or more options.


28    “In ASCII, ____________ characters can be created.”

(A)255      (B)1024     (C)256      (D)128


29    Algorithm and Flow chart help us to Know the

(A)memory capacity

(A)Identify the base of a number system

(B)Direct the output to a printer

(C)Specify the problem completely and clearly


30    In analog computer

(A)Input is first converted to digital form

(B)Input is never converted to digital form

(C)Output is displayed in digital form

(D)All of the above

31    __________ is the largest 16 bit positive number.

(A)32767    (B)32768    (C)34567    (D)36789


32    To convert data from one data medium to another is known as _______.    (A)Collection     (B)Transformation (C)Manipulation   (D)Conversion


33    “The online non-commercial interaction between local and central government and the commercial business sector, rather than private individuals is part of _________ model.”

(A)Government-to-Citizen or Government-to-Consumer (G2C)

(B)Government-to-Business (G2B)

(C)Government-to-Government (G2G)

(D)Government-to-Employees (G2E)


34    “The slide________ controls text characteristics, background color and special effects, such as shadowing and bullet style.”

(A)presentation   (B)master   (C)show     (D)sort


35    The two dimensional representation of an image is known as:

(A)Image routing  (B)Image resolution     (C)Image reasoning      (D)None

36    “Name a more complex standard  developed by Microsoft to allow for the exchange of word processing files that include formatting such as text alignment, font styles, and font sizes.”

(A)Rich Text Format (RTF)     (B)ASCII    (C)BCD      (D)None


37    “If you type a word that is not in Word’s dictionary, a ____ wavy underline appears below the word.”

(A)green    (B)red      (C)blue     (D)black


38    CTRL+U key combination is used to

(A)move a file

(B)move file /U directory

(C)move file from /U directory

(D)none of these


39    IIS refers to ____________.

(A)International Institute for Standards

(B)Internet Information Server

(C)Internal IP Scheme

(D)Internet Information System


40    Is  it possible to set scroll property of mouse?

(A)yes      (B)no (C)Yes any time   (D)yes only at installation time

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