CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 – Page 18


CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 - Page 18

CCC Exam Demo Questions with Answers Specially for Year 2014 – Page 18

41    How many options are there on the Word menu bar?

(A)Three    (B)Six      (C)Nine     (D)Twelve


42    A link to a World Wide Web Site on the document can be inserted by using option ________________.

(A)Insert Word Table

(B)Insert Hyperlink

(C)Format Painter

(D)None of the above


43    Print preview window can be invoked by _______________.

(A)Selecting the Print Preview option from the File menu

(B)Clicking on the Print Preview button on the standard toolbar.

(C)a & b

(D)None of the above


44    A new document can be created by ___________.

(A)Clicking on the New button of the standard toolbar

(B)Pressing the Ctrl+N combination of keys

(C)Selecting new option from the file menu in menu bar.

(D)All of the above


45    The __________ key removes one characeter to the left of the cursor.    (A)Delete      (B)Backspace     (C)Enter    (D)Shift


46    “To select a _____________, place the mouse pointer in the selection bar and double-click on it.”

(A)Sentence (B)Word     (C)Paragraph      (D)Letter.

47    “In a word document, alignment refers to the position of the text relative to the ___________.”

(A)Margins  (B)Paragraphs     (C)Header   (D)Footer

48    “To end the current paragraph, space, and begin the new paragraph”press (A)Escape key once and the Enter key once.

(B)press the Enter key twice

(C)press the Enter key once and the spacebar once

(D)press the ENter key once

49    “When sharing data in Office, the &&& document is the document in which the data was first entered.”

(A)source   (B)destination    (C)original (D)primary

50    Mouse speed is


(B)cannot be adjusted

(C)can be adjusted through control panel

(D)can be adjusted by double clicking middle button

Doeacc ccc True and False Questions

51    “Email messages that cannot be delivered to the recipient because of a temporary error, such as a full mailbox is called Soft bounces.”


52    “In the binary system, the digit 1 represents the electronic state of off (absence of an electronic charge)”



53    Excel File Extension XLA means Microsoft Excel add-in


54    SPIDERS are the computer programs that are used by search engines to roam the World Wide Web via the Internet.


55    Acrobat is a software program that reads and converts documents in a format called PDF but can not decode.


56    Cracking is the process of overcoming hacking.


57    wireless Local Area Network uses phone lines or fiber-optics.


58    The bulletin board service is not used for carrying on discussions.


59    Server machine is not helpful for client machines



60    “In email address  domain name is “”me””.”

(A) TRUE       (B) FALSE

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