CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Question Papers Set – Page 21


CCC Question Papers Set - Page 21

CCC Question Papers Set – Page 21

1     Base Station and MSC are related to __________

(A)Cellular radio

(B)ISO-OSI model

(C)ARPANET structure

(D)None of the above


2     World Wide Web is _________.

(A)a computer game

(B)a software program

(C)the part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected (D)pages      another name for the Internet


3     “Using a(n) ——————–, messages can be created, sent, received, forwarded, stored, printed, and deleted.”

(A)telnet program

(B)e-mail program

(C)FTP program

(D)both B and C


4     World Wide Web server shares its files with workstations all over the (A)Intranet only


(C)Both of the above

(D)None of the above


5     Two types of sound files that can be added to a PowerPoint presentation are ______________________.

(A).jpg files and .gif files

(B).wav files and .gif files

(C).wav files and .jpg files

(D).wav files and .mid files


6     .wav and .mid are types of _______ that can be added to a PowerPoint presentation.

(A)sound files

(B)picture files

(C)image files

(D)None of these


7     Which of the following provides a means of printing out notes with a miniature slide ?

(A)Slides with animation

(B)Audience Handouts

(C)Notes Page

(D)Outline view


8     Which of the following should you do to bring a bullet back to a previous level?

(A)Press the tab key

(B)Press the shift key

(C)Press the enter key

(D)Press the shift + tab keys


9     “It is always easier to add,delete, copy and move slides in _____________view.”

(A)Outliars (B)Outline  (C)Normal   (D)Slide Sorter

10    ___________ fonts have finishing strokes.

(A)Times New Roman

(B)sans serif




11    The collection of Powerpoint slides is known as _________.






12    Netscape Navigator is an

(A)Internet Browser

(B)email program

(C)Both of the above

(D)None of the above

13    ______________is the IP address in the B class.






14    The programs in the Netscape Communicator suite provide ——————–.


(B)access to discussion groups.

(C)Web page creation tools.

(D)All of the above


15    _______________ transparency is a primary advantage of both bridging and switching

(A)Upper layer protocol

(B)Lower layer protocol


(D)None of the Above


16    The modem does not

(A)produce sounds similar to those you hear on the touch tone telephone

(B)collect signals from low speed terminals and transmit them over a single (C)linemodulate electrical digital signals into an analog signals

(D)demodulate an analog signals into digital signals


17    Bluetooth is a type of radio wave information transmission system that is good for about _____________

(A)30 feet  (B)30 yards (C)30 Km    (D)300 Km


18    “A ____ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited (A)geographical area, such as a home, school computer laboratory, or office building.”

(A)Local area network (LAN)

(B)Wide area network (WAN)

(C)Metropolitan area network (MAN)

(D)All of the above


19    Gopher is a __________.

(A)Internet Duct Tape


(C)Search Tool

(D)Both (a) and (c)


20    World Wide Web pages can be described as multimedia pages.  This means that the pages may contain ______________.

(A)text and pictures only

(B)”text, pictures, sound”

(C)”video clips, sound, text, pictures”

(D)None of the above

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