CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Question Papers Set – Page 22

21    “With most e-mail client programs, an attached file can be_________.”   (A)detached      (B)examined(C)saved    (D)All of the above


22    “When the _________ button is clicked, the browser contacts the Web server to see if the Web page has changed since it was stored in the cache folder.”      (A)Reload      (B)Refresh  (C)

Cache    (D)Either A or B


23    Internet standards approval resource allocation is done by ________.    (A)IAB      (B)IETF     (C)InterNIC(D)None of the above


24    A computers clock speed is measured in:

(A)gigabytes.     (B)bits.    (C)megabits (D)gigahertz


25    “A slide that can be used as an agenda slide, contains list of the titles from selected slides in your presentation, is called____________.”

(A)Title Slide

(B)Summary Slide

(C)Index Slide

(D)Slide Master


26    “The situation when mouse is not working and you have to display start menu, which of the following key combination works?”






27    Which command lists the contents of current directory of a disk

(A)Copy     (B)Tree     (C)Cd (D)Dir


28    Which statement is valid?

(A)1KB = 1024 bytes

(B)1 MB=2048 bytes

(C)1 MB = 1000 kilobytes

(D)1 KB = 1000 bytes


29    A directory within a directory is called- Mini Directory    Junior (A)Directory      (B)Part (C)Directory   (D)Sub Directory

30    CRT stands for

(A)Cathode Ray tube

(B)Cathodic ray tube

(C)cathode ray tub

(D)Cathodic ray tub

31    All the records in a file having the same number of bytes are known as (A)Fixed length record

(B)Variable length record




32    Pixel consists of three colour components namely:




(D)None of the above


33    Which of the device does not work as both input and output device?      (A)disk      (B)pen      (C)CDROM   (D)mouse


34    A software component can be added

(A)by any user

(B)by Administrator

(C)Either a or b

(D)none of the above


35    Folders automatically created in /Documents and Settings is All users (A)Default users

(B)None is created


(D)Both a and b


36       “””title”””

(A)is a valid command

(B)is used to set title of command prompt window

(C)is a ms window command

(D)all of these


37    ———————– is the name of list that stores the URLs of web pages and links visited  in past few days?

(A)Link List

(B)Page List

(C)History List

(D)All of the above


38    Icons on the desktop

(A)can be hidden

(B)can not be hidden

(C)can be resized

(D)can be deleted


39    _________ is a program that enables information from a web server to be stored on your computer by your web browser.




(D)None of the above

40    “You have been asked to write a press release of not more than 800 words using MS Word , is there an easy way to figure out how many words you have typed?”

(A)”No, MS Word doesn’t have any facility to calculate the number of words you have typed”

(B)”Yes, use the text count to calculate how many words you have typed”

(C)”Yes, once spelling and grammar has checked for errors, it will report how many words  you have”

(D)”Yes, use word count to calculate how many words you have type.”

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