CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Question Papers Quiz – Page 27


CCC Question Papers Quiz - Page 27

CCC Question Papers Quiz – Page 27

21. Which memory is used to read and write simultaneously?
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of the above
22. The term PC means
a. Private Computer
b. Personal Computer
c. Professional Computer
d. Personal Calculator
23. Which is not an option of horizontal alignment in the Format Cells dialog box?
a. Left
b. Right
c. Filled
d. Middle
24. A function in Excel
a. is a readymade formula
b. used to perform simple or complex calculation
c. begin with an equal sign (=)
d. All of the above
25. Tree structures displays
a. Directories only
b. Both Files and Directories
c. Files only
d. None of the above
26. You can easily understand the worksheet data by presenting it in the format of a:
a. Table
b. Chart
c. Database
d. Bullets
27. To install program from network which option of network places you will choose
a. My Network
b. Entire Network
c. Internet
d. None of these
28. The binary number system has a base
a. 2
b. 4
c. 8
d. 16
29. Which is/are the main provisions of Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000?
a. Finalisation of contracts through electronic media.
b. Legal recognition to digital signatures and documents.
c. Making hacking with computer system an office.
d. All of the above
30. Cut removes the selected text from your document and puts it on the
a. Recycle
b. Screen
c. Clipboard
d. None of the above
31. Which menu provides information about using particular program?
a. Tools
b. Search
c. Help
d. Hide
32. ……. identifies a location in document for future reference
a. Cross reference
b. Hypertext
c. Hyperlink
d. Bookmark
33. A ……. is a collection of buttons which represent various operations that can be carried out within an application.
a. Buttons
b. Menu
c. Toolbar
d. None
34. What is a URL?
a. An email address
b. The title of a web site
c. The Unique address of a page on the World Wide Web
d. The name of a web site
35. The ……. feature enables you to enter multiple lines in a single cell
a. Wrap text
b. Word wrap
c. Word map
d. Character attribute

36. ……. allows you to work with the contents of the clipboard.
a. Paste
b. Cut
c. Copy
d. Clipboard viewer
37. We can get into …….. menu by pressing Alt + F.
a. File
b. Edit
c. Search
d. None of the above
38. What is the extension of files created by Notepad?
a. .txt
b. .doc
c. .text
d. .dot
39. By default word format your text as
a. 14 point times new roman
b. 12 point times new roman
c. 11 point times new roman
d. None of above
40. Which of the following type of printers require special paper?
a. Impact Printer
b. Laser
c. Thermal
d. Non Impact

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