CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Question Papers Quiz – Page 30


CCC Question Papers Quiz - Page 30

CCC Question Papers Quiz – Page 30

81. To specify multiple recipients of carbon copy of same mail message, CC: field is used.
82. An example of a high-speed direct digital connection to the Internet is a ISP.
83. News groups are also known as usenet.
84. You cannot undo certain operations like saving, printing, opening and creating documents.
85. In its default setting, a workbook is made up of 3 sheets and the number can be extended to 255 sheets.
86. TCP/IP application uses 6 layers of protocols.
87. The glob command stops the use of wildcards in file names.
88. The Shift + Tab shortcut key moves the mouse pointer to the next cell in Word table.
89. Internet is a network of networks.
90. Telnet works with the Terminal Emulation Protocol.
91. The Custom animation option helps you to add the special effects on text boxes and images during designing a slide.
92. The AA is next to column of column Z.
93. A presentation is a sequential collection of slides in which each slide displays some information in the form of text or graphics.

94. Formatting is responsible to enhance to appearance and outlook of the worksheet.
95. The cells include in the range A1:B2 are: A1, B1 and B2.
96. ISDN is a best network for video-conferencing.
97. The textbox is used to insert a block of text in any position within your page margins.
98. The pie chart has a hole in its center.
99. Modulator is used to convert digital signals into analog signals.
100. e-learning is the best learning for distance education.

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