CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

Unique and Important Questions for CCC Certificate Exam – Page 32


Unique and Important Questions for CCC Certificate Exam - Page 32

Unique and Important Questions for CCC Certificate Exam – Page 32

21. Which of the following charts is not likely to be included in an analysis of presentation graphics package?
a. Bar
b. Pie
c. Temperature
d. Line
22. The printers that produce the output by pressing a print element and an inked ribbon against the face of a continuous paper form is called
a. Impact printer
b. Scanning printers
c. Non-impact printer
d. None of the above
23. In MS-Word you can force a page break:
a. By positioning your cursor at an appropriate place and pressing the F1 key.
b. By using the Insert/Section Break.
c. By positioning your cursor at a appropriate place and pressing Ctrl + Enter.
d. By changing the font size of your document.
24. Embedded software is used in:
a. On-line Railway Information System
b. Mobile Phones
c. E-learning software
d. Multimedia Movies
25. In a spreadsheet, a statement that performs a calculation is called (an)
a. Formula
b. Reference
c. Argument
d. Parameter
26. Which of the following can be embedded into a slide?
a. A Web page
b. An audio clip
c. A video clip
d. All of the above
27. Which is a bootable disk?
a. The hard disk of a Computer System
b. A disk which is used to load DOS into the RAM
c. A mini floppy disk
28. The number system that is the basis for computer operations as
a. Hexadecimal System
b. Octal System
d. Binary System
29. CPU reads the information from secondary memory
a. First information is transferred to main memory and from there, the CPU reads
b. Directly
c. Through registers
d. None of the above
30. Which of the following is Diagnostic Software?
a. Windows-XP
b. Office-XP
c. Norton Antivirus
d. Unix

31. Find the odd one out
a. Control Unit
b. ALU
c. Registers
32. What is mean by a dedicated computer?
a. Which is used by one person only
b. Which is assigned one and only one task
c. Which uses one kind of software
d. Which is meant for application software
33. A computer program that converts and entire program into machine language is called a/an
a. Interpreter
b. Simulator
c. Compiler
d. Commander
34. A computer program that translates one program instructions at a time into a machine language is called a/an
a. Interpreter
b. CPU
c. Compiler
d. None of the above
35. A computer consists of
a. A central processing unit
b. A memory
c. Input and output unit
d. All of the above
36. An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately should result of that change is
a. Desktop publishing program
b. Database
c. Spreadsheet
d. All of the above
37. The instruction for starting the computer are stored in
a. Random access memory
c. Read only memory chip
d. All of the above
38. Pressing F8 key twice, selects
a. A word
b. A sentence
c. A paragraph
d. Entire document
39. How can you disable extended selection mode?
a. Press F8 again to disable
b. Press Del to disable
c. Press Esc to disable
d. Press Enter to disable
40. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol?
a. Alt + Ctrl + C
b. Alt + C
c. Ctrl + C
d. Ctrl + shift + C

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