CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper – Page 37


Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper - Page 37

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper – Page 37

21. PROM in computer language stands for
a. Programmable Read Only Memory
b. Pulse Read Only Memory
c. Packet Read Only Memory
d. Parallel Read Only Memory
22. In Microsoft Word to cut something the following shortcut is used
a. Ctlr + C
b. Ctrl + X
c. Ctrl + V
d. None of these
23. Which is not common feature of software application?
a. Menus
b. Windows
c. Help
d. Search
24. Dot-matrix, Deskjet, Inkjet and Laser are all types of which computer peripherals?
a. Keyboards
b. Software
c. Monitors
d. Printers
25. Topology in computer language is the
a. organization of a computer network
b. speed of computer network
c. capacity of computer network
d. volume flow in a computer network
26. Using Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature you can
a. replace both text and formatting
b. replace text of a document only
c. replace formatting only
d. replace document’s name with a new name
27. Which of the following is an advantage to using fiber optics data transmission?
a. resistance to data theft
b. fast data transmission rate
c. low noise level
d. all of the above
28. OFF-line operation is the operation of devices without the control of
a. Memory computer question bank
b. CPU
c. ALU
d. Control Unit
29. The function ROUND (1343.45,-2) returns
a. 1343
b. -1343
c. -1300
d. 1300

30. To select the desired slides in the presentation, you have to press :
a. Shift
b. Ctrl + Shift
c. Ctrl
d. Alt
31. Mark the most appropriate statement.
a. Mailmerge can be used to print the form letters
b. Mailmerge can be used to print the form letters and mailing labels
c. Mail merge can be used to print envelope
d. All of the above
32. The ………. performs mapping of server names and their respective IP addresses
a. Routers
b. Message Servers
c. DNS
33. Using MS-Power Point which layout will you use to display hierarchies of employees in your company?
a. Chart
b. Table
c. 2 Column Text
d. Organization Chart
34. To create a Para Break in MS-WORD, which key is used?
a. Enter
b. Esc
c. Tab
d. Shift
35. Which software would you use to teach students in Computer classes?
a. Spreadsheet
b. Database
c. Word processing
d. PowerPoint
36. Changing the apperance of a document is called
a. Proofing
b. Editing
c. Formatting
d. All of the above
37. An area of memory or disk that is assigned to store e-mail messages sent by other users
a. Post-email
b. Postbox
c. Emailbox
d. Mailbox
38. Airline reservation system is a typical example of
a. Batch processing
b. On-line processing
c. Real time processing
d. None of the above
39. The slowest memory is
a. Hard Disk
c. Cache Memory Static RAM
40. The background screen and main area of Windows where you can open and manage files and programs is known as
a. background
b. desktop
c. wall paper
d. none of the above

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