CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper – Page 39


61. All data processing systems must provide for the input, processing and output of data.
62. Most computer-related errors are the result of improperly prepare data
63. Microcomputer is a CPU on a chip.
64. Instructions given in a program do not define any actions for the computer.
65. You can be a computer literate even through you are not a programmer.
66. Internet is a single, very large network.
67. The Internet is a collection of files.
68. You can also create a nested list in your document.
69. Minicomputer work faster than Microcomputer.
70. During the formatting process, a disk’s surface is divided into sectors, which are then further divided into rings, called tracks.
71. The more computer systems are becoming easy-to-use with their agronomical designs and user friendly software.
72. The first successful GUI appeared on the Macintosh computer in 1984.
73. You can add dates to worksheets, but spread sheets cannot use dates in calculations.
74. FTP servers store files that you can transfer to or from your computer if you have and FTP client
75. In a spreadsheet, ordinary text is called a “label”.
76. Operating Systems (OS) control and coordinate the functions inside the computer whereas device drivers help the OS to control external devices.
77. The words that are wrongly type by you are marked with a yellow wavy line.
78. A computer’s CD-ROM drive can read data disks, but it cannot play audio CDs.
79. E-mail can be used to send broadcast messages, but only within your own company.
80. All sections in a documnet necessarily use the same margins.

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