CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper – Page 40

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper - Page 40

Most Important Question Answer for CCC Online Paper – Page 40

81. Bold, italics and bold italics are available for all fonts.
82. Internet Explorer stores the web pages you visit in the Internet lists folder on the hard disk.

83. A web browser is also referred to as a web client.

84. A utility program can be used to improve the function of an operating system in some way.

85. Collecting the data and convertin it into information is called processing.

86. The standard toolbar has buttons for the most common tasks you perform in PowerPoint, such as saving, printing or spell checking a presentation.

87. In Excel, it is not possible to select two non adjacent ranges at a time.

88. To store a printable character two bytes is used.

89. The shortcut menu changes with the context.

90. BIOS program is stored on the RAM.

91. Mincrosoft office word is an application program.

92. The file protection ring is an important part of the label checking operation to protect tap files.

93. Cookies store information about the web pages in your favorites list.

94. Orders of Evalutions of operators in formula is %, ^, * or / , + or – then comparison operators.

95. The key F12 opens a save as dialog box.

96. The doamain name with an extension .com describes a company or commercial organization.

97. Refresh button returns to home page.

98. The primary function of I/O peripherals is to facilitate computer-to-computer data transmission.

99. The word bit is contraction of the word binary digits.

100. Presentation programs let you create notes for each slide, which are visible only to you.

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