CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Exam Online Paper 2014 & 2015 – Page 43


41. Following is a type of Slide animation
a. Flash once
b. Typewriter
c. Fly From top
d. All of the above

42. ISDN is an example of ………….. network.
a. Packet switched
b. Circuit switched
c. Message switched
d. None of the above

43. What will allow you to select entire document?
a. Select
b. Locate
c. Select all
d. None of the above

44. Undo is similar to
a. Ctrl + X
b. Ctrl + C
c. Ctrl + Z
d. None of the above

45. …………… will first ask you if you are sure you want to empty the contents of the clipboard.
a. Paste
b. Cut
c. Delete
d. Copy

46. A ……….. is an electronic page in a presentation
a. Page
b. Slide
c. E-Slide
d. None of the above

47. In ……….. topology, if a computer’s network cable is broken, whole network goes down.
a. Ring
b. Bus
c. Mesh
d. Tree

48. …………… fonts have finishing strokes.
a. Times New Roman
b. Sans serif
c. Courier
d. Tahoma

49. In a slide master footer area appears at
a. Left of the page
b. Center of the page
c. Top of the page
d. Bottom of the page

50. Which of the following characters is allowed in a Windows file name or folder?
a. :
b. ?
c. _
d. <

State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

51. Shortcut menus cannot create a link to that program.

52. The advantage of ethernet cable has less power consumption

53. The Landscape orientation prints the text length wise.

54. Change case command is used to change the capitalization of a sentence.

55. We cannot change the contents of RAM.

56. We can recolour a Clip Art object.

57. A keyboard has approximately 101 to 105 keys.

58. When a folder is copied to another place, the subfolders in the folder also get copied.

59. The contents of a Window can be scrolled by clicking the scroll bar.

60. Tim Bernes-Lee is the “father” of the WWW.

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