CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Exam Online Paper 2014 & 2015 – Page 45

81. You can provide the chart title in the Data Range section.
82. .jpg is an extension of an audio file.
83. There are total 12 function keys.
84. Word supports to add bold formatting to the text.
85. When you insert an Excel file into a Word document, the data are placed as an embedded object.
86. MS-Windows is an open source, GNU lisence operating system
87. In MS-Word, multiple columns cannot be viewed in the page layout view.
88. “Even” and “Odd” pages in MS-WORD can have different footers.
89. Text area is not a chart component.
90. A firewall in not useful for prevention unauthorized users from accessing internal networks.
91. CPU is the heart of any computer system.
92. Registers are high speed memory.
93. Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Left Arrow key is used to move to the first cell in the row.
94. PowerPoint is a part of Windows Operating system.
95. Ctrl + H is used to get help on topics related to PowerPoint.
96. FSK is a technique that can be considered as a frequency modulated binary PCM.
97. Structured Charts are used in system analysis.
98. The main memory is categorized as ROM and RAM.
99. A smart card contains a small processor that holds certain information.
100. Hyperlinks cannot be associated with pictures.

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