CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

DOEACC CCC Exam Demo Test – Page 47


DOEACC CCC Exam Demo Test - Page 47

DOEACC CCC Exam Demo Test – Page 47

21. Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit
a. Keyboard
b. Printer
c. Tape
d. Arithmetic Logic Unit

22. Which of the following is correct?
a. = AVERAGE (4,5,6,7)
b. = AVERAGE (A1, B1, C1)
c. = AVERAGE (A1:A9, B1:B9)
d. = All of the above

23. A plotter is
a. An input device to produce good quality graphics
b. An output device to produce drawings and graphics
c. A fast output device using camera lenses
d. None of these

24. CPU reads the information from secondary memory
a. Directly
b. First, information is transferred to main memory and from there, the CPU reads
c. Through registers
d. None of the above

25. In computer terminology, information means
a. Raw
b. Data
c. Data is more useful or intelligible form
d. Alphanumeric data program

26. Supercomputers are primarily useful for
a. Input-output intensive processing
b. Mathematical intensive scientific applications
c. Data retrieval operations
d. None of these

27. What is the max data capacity of STP?
a. 10 mbps
b. 100 mbps
c. 1000 mbps
d. 10000 mbps

28. Using Borders in Excel you
a. can add lines above, below or to either side of a cell.
b. can add a single line or multiple lines, along one side of a cell or around it
c. Both a and b above are correct
d. None of the above

29. The length of a file’s name under Win 95/98/XP …………
a. is limited to 11 characters
b. is limited to 255 characters
c. is not limited in length
d. Can obtain only one space

30. You will probably use Borders in Word where
a. you wish to add emphasis to particular paragraphs
b. you wish to draw lines above and below or to left and right of paragraphs you
c. wish to surround the paragraphs with different styles of boxes
d. All of the above

31. The …….. portion of LAN management software restricts access, records user activities and audit data etc.
a. Configuration management
b. Security management
c. Performance management
d. None of the above

32. Before creating a master document, you must switch to ……
a. Normal view
b. Outline view
c. Web Layout view
d. Print Layout view

33. A standalone program that has been modified to work on a LAN by including concurrency controls such as file and record locking is an

example of ……..
a. LAN intrinsic software
b. LAN aware software
c. Groupware
d. LAN ignorant software

34. A relatively new technology that allows wireless connectivity is called …………
a. Bluetooth
b. Blacktooth
c. Blueband
d. Broadband

35. The magnifier button is available on the
a. Print Preview toolbar
b. Standard toolbar
c. Formatting toolbar
d. None of the above

36. Most Web-enabled devices follows a standard known as
a. FireWire
b. Bluetooth
d. Wi-Fi

37. In the print dialog box of Word, you can select
a. All page in a range
b. Odd pages
c. Even pages
d. Any of the above

38. Which of the following can be used to navigate document?
a. Frames
b. hyperlinks
c. Web toolbar
d. All of the above

39. After a table has been created, which of the following operations cannot be performed?
a. Insert rows in a table
b. Delete and insert columns
c. Split the table insert columns
d. None of the above

40. A Word file can be save as a Web page which is a document that consist of one or more parts
a. That can be read by a Web browser such as the Internet Explorer
b. Saved in HTML, format
c. Which helps distribute information over the Internet
d. All of the above

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