CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

DOEACC CCC Exam Demo Test – Page 50


DOEACC CCC Exam Demo Test - Page 50

DOEACC CCC Exam Demo Test – Page 50

81. E-mail can be used to send broadcast messages, but only within your own company.

82. POP3 protocol is used by outlook express to fetch mail from the mail server.

83. You can have different header and footer on each sheet of a workbook.

84. Hypertext enables you to read and navigate text and visual information in a nonlinear way base on what you want to know text.

85. Chat rooms are actual rooms where chat session takes place.

86. Telephone network is multi-cast network.

87. The data to be drawn as a chart cannot be selected after the chart wizard is started.

88. POP is also called Post Office Protocol.

89. Transmission control protocol is communication-oriented protocol in the internet and works with the underlying protocol IP.

90. ATM is based on cell switching.

91. The size of Computer is small in second generation of Computers.

92. Dial-up connection is always better than leased line.

93. The Internet is based on IP datagram.

94. Usenet and Internet is the same thing.

95. At a time you can open as many Word documents as you Taskbar can display.

96. Graphics cannot be placed in header and footers in MS-Word.

97. It is always possible to shrink a document to one page.

98. Microcomputer is called micro because it consists of micro-processor.

99. In Word, a new column inserted in a table retains the format of the column next to which it is inserted.

100. You cannot use different page-numbering styles in different section of your document.

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