CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Online Paper Set with Answers – Page 55


CCC Online Paper Set with Answers - Page 55

CCC Online Paper Set with Answers – Page 55

81. When you copy a formula in Excel, relative cell references do not change.
82. The size of a table object is dependent on the amount of text within the table.
83. Internet Voice protocol technology enables you to make voice calls over your computer network.
84. You can program element to disappear after its animation occurs.
85. Ecllipse Motion is a predefined color scheme.
86. A separate printer is necessary to be attached to the computer of each employee to take the printout of documents.
87. The clients of the organization are able to view the data related to the organization and its employees.
88. Bytes Per Second is the unit used to measure the data which is transmitted through modem.
89. Web browser refers to a software application that allows you to interact with the information on the WWW.
90. Data is defined as the data that is processed and represents it in a useful manner to the user.

91. A computer that is not connected to a network is called a standalone computer.
92. Multiple non adjacent ranges can be selected in Excel.
93. Pressing Home moves the active cell to column A of the current row.
94. Pressing Shift + Spacebar selects the entire column.
95. You cannot move or copy sheets from one workbook to another.
96. Ctrl + End moves the last cell containing contents in the worksheet in Excel.
97. Excel cannot insert multiple rows in its sheet.
98. You can add a new sheet to the workbook by using Worksheet command on the Insert menu. The new worksheet is inserted in front of the current sheet.
99. Microsoft Excel ignores manual page breaks when you use the Fit to option of the Page Setup.
100. If required, a hidden slide can also be shown during a slide show.

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