CCC Solved Question Answer Paper 2018 2019

CCC Question Papers 2013 2014 Download – Page – 7

CCC Question Papers 2013 2014 Download - Page - 7

CCC Question Papers 2013 2014 Download – Page – 7

21      Which kind of storage device can be carried around?

(A)Hard disk   (B)System cabinet    (C)Diskette    (D)Main memory


22      “If a computer is on but does not respond to a system reset, what is it said to be?”

(A)Dead        (B)Off (C)Hung        (D)Insensitive

23      GIGO stands for _____.

(A)”Garbage Input, Garbage Output”

(B)”Gigabytes in, Gigabytes out”

(C)”Garbage In, Garbage Out”

(D)None of the above




24      The difference between memory and storage is that memory is _____ and storage is _____.

(A)”Temporary, permanent”

(B)”Permanent, temporary”

(C)”Slow, fast”

(D)None of the above


25      To go to slide number press

(A)slide number + [Enter]

(B) [PgUp]

(C)Both (a) and (b)

(D)All of the above


26      “To delete the selected sentence, we can press the following key:”       (A) [Del]       (B) [Backspace]          (C)Both (a) and (b)  (D)None of the above


27      The language that the computer can understand and execute is called: (A) (A)Machine language

(B)     Application software

(C)     System program

(D)     None of the above


28      The arithmetic/logic unit performs the following actions:

(A)     checks data for accuracy

(B)     “does calculations using addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and         division”

(C)     “does logical comparisons, such as equal to, greater than,  less than”

(D)     both calculations and logical comparisons


29      The purpose of the MOVE command is to

(A)     move one or more files to the location you specify

(B)     rename directories

(C)     both (a) and (b) above

(D)     None of the above

30      GUI is used as an interface between

(A)     hardware and software

(B)     man and machine

(C)     software and user

(D)     None of the above

31 e-mail is

(A)Mail concerning electronics devices

(B)”Transaction of letters, messages and memos over a    communications (C)network”       Transaction of messages within a computer

(D)None of these

32      E-mail

(A)   Cannot address many users

(B)     Does not provide protection given to first class mail

(C)     Always uses bridge to send messages in different networks

(D)     None of these



33      Which of the following admirable capability is provided in most of the workstations?

(A)Numeric processing


(C)Text manipulation

(D)None of these


34      Selection of text can be of

(A)single word or a line

(B)a paragraph

(C)complete document

(D)All of the above


35      Word wrap means

(A)inserting spaces between words

(B)aligning text with the right margin

(C)moving text automatically to the next line

(D)None of the above


36      What is the first step in MS-Word in changing line spacing?

(A)To open the Format menu

(B)To click the Line Spacing button

(C)To select the paragraphs you want to change

(D)To open the Paragraph menu


37      Cell address A$4 in a formula means it is a

(A)     relative cell reference

(B)     absolute cell reference

(C)     mixed cell reference

(D)     All of the above


38      If you click on the Undo button

(A)it will remove the new text and restore the original text  back

(B)it will include the new text and remove the original text

(C)it will remove the old text and restore the new text back

(D)None of the above


39      “A device that provides emergency power to your computer,conditions the voltage, and protects against powers surges is called a _____.”

(A)PSU = Power Supply Unit

(B)USP = Universal Surge Protector

(C)UPPS = Universal Power Protection and Supply

(D)UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply


40      “If you’ve just formatted some text so that it stands out, how can you quickly copy that formatting to use on other text?”

(A)use the Formatting toolbar

(B)use the Reveal Formatting option

(C)use the Format Painter button

(D)None of the above

Answers for DOEACC CCC Questions –

21=    D    22=    C    23=    C    24=    A    25=    A    26=    C    27=    A    28=    D    29=    C    30=    C31=    B    32=    C    33=    A    34=    D    35=    C    36=    A    37=    C    38=    A    39=    D    40=    A


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