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CCC Question Papers 2013 2014 Download – Page – 8


CCC Question Papers 2013 2014 Download - Page - 8

CCC Question Papers 2013 2014 Download – Page – 8

41      You can change the margins in Word by

(A)using the ruler or

(B)using the page setup

(C)Both (a) and (b)

(D)None of the above


42      You can create a template in Word

(A)based on an existing document

(B)based on an existing template

(C)from scratch

(D)All the above


43      “In which Word menu, Letter wizard command appears”

(A)Format     (B)Tools        (C)Insert       (D)Table


44      The sheet tab of the Letter wizard in Word are

(A)Letter Format      (B)Recipient Info      (C)Both (a) and (b)   (D)None of the above


45      One of the following statements in not true.

(A) Word allows you to use the formula command to perform  simple calculation in a table.

(B) “The simple calculation in a table is that of addition,  subtraction, multiplication, division etc.”

(C) =SUM(above) formula means that word would sum the values in  all cells above the current cell.

(D) Word cannot do simple calculation. For this purpose you   would use Excel.


46      “While using the Mail Merge Helper, you click on the Active Window button. This selection creates”

(A)a master document in the currently active document window

(B)opens a new document window

(C)your document gets active and automatically attaches to a  data source

(D)None of the above


47      Palettes that can be tear-off are

(A)LineColour (B)FillColour   (C)FontColour (D)All of the above


48      A worksheet can be opened by clicking on the

(A)Start button         (B)Open button        (C)Both a and b        (D)None of the above


49      To select a column the easiest method is to _____.

(A)double-click any cell in the column

(B)drag from the top cell in the column to the last cell in  the column

(C)click the column heading

(D) [Ctrl]+{A]

Doeacc ccc True and False Questions

50 Ms word offers certain ways by which you can move around in a document

(A)by scrolling

(B)by moving to a specific page

(C)both a and b above

(D)None of the above


51      “As long as you have your product key, you can reinstall Windows XP using any CD, even one you borrow from a friend or neighbor.”

(A)True         (B)False


52      Hybrid computer is a mixture of both digital and analog computers.      (A)True         (B)False


53      Default number of decimal points can be changed with the Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons.

(A)True         (B)False


54      “To have Microsoft Excel always use a specific currency symbol, change the currency symbol selected in Regional Settings in Control Panel before you start Excel.”

(A)True         (B)False


55      The name of a cell or range can be same as the cell/range reference.  (A)True         (B)False


56      =SUM(Sheet2:Sheet13!B5) adds all the values contained in cell B5 on all the worksheets between and including Sheet 2 and Sheet 13

(A)True         (B)False


57      “If one forgets to put the closing parenthesis in a formula and press [Enter] key, Excel gives an error message.”

(A)True         (B)False



58      “To display the current time, the TIME() function can be used.”

(A)True         (B)False


59      3-D charts have a category (x) axis a value (y) axis and a third (z) axis         (A)True         (B)False


60      Pie chart can represent multiple series of data.

(A)True      (B)False

Answers for DOEACC CCC Questions –

41=    C    42=    D    43=    B    44=    C    45=    D    46=    A    47=    D    48=    B    49=    C    50=    C   51=    T    52=    T    53=    T    54=    T    55=    T    56=    T    57=    F   58=    T    59=T 60=    T

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