Change Name After Marriage

Change Name After Marriage in US

After Marriage many of the people specially ladies want to change their last name. Some of them want to take their spouse’s last name and some other want to combile their spouse’s last name.The the question aries how to change your name. The answer would be it’s pretty straightforward process, whether you live in India, UK, Ireland, US, New Zealand, Australia, or Canada.

First of all if you live in US. We are putting steps to change name after marriage in US i.e. How to legally change your name-

Change Name after Marriage

Change Name after Marriage

Changing Name after Marriage in US (Step by Step)

Change Your Name in Just 4 Easy Steps

Step – 1

Take some extra copies of your your marriage certificate from your county clerk (where you got married) for changing your name. Each of such marriage certificate must be certified.Now If your state can issue both a short-form marriage certificate and a long-form marriage certificate (with your Parent’s Information and Place of Birth Information), You should get long-form marriage certificate. This will be required when you go to Social Security Office.


Now Fill out SS-5 Social Security form. Actually it is an application for the updation of your Social Security information. To Prove your age, identity and US citizenship or lawful immigration status like a driver’s license or passport you have to provide several documents in original. If your are not a US citizen and also do not have D.H.S. work authorization then you have to prove that you have a valid reason to request a card. The Social Security office is usually packed with people who have similar issues. So it is advised to get there before the office opens. Please also do complete the form which you can find online.  In aprox 10 days after filing your name change form, the Social Security Administration will notify the Internal Revenue Service. So that you may file tax return with your new name without the IRS being notified.

Step -3

Now its time to Update your driver’s license. DMV (The Department of Motor Vehicles) should be stop number two. Go to your state’s DMV web site for the forms to be filled out so that you will be prepared when you actually go to DMV. Or you can also re-apply for driver’s license and to this you need to use a basic application and cross-reference your current license on the form. Some of the things can vary from one state to another becuase some may even want to take a new picture and updated information. Don’t forget to have your Marriage License with you to prove your new Name. Marriage Certificate include your new address, too, if you and your spouse are planning to live in a new Address. Don’t forget to bring a lot of time, patience and something with you to pass the time.

Step -4

After 2-3 weeks SS and DMV will send your new cards and when you have your new cards in your hand you can change your name after marriage with all the other agencies, as and when required and necessary. i.e. There are some suggestions of agencies in which you should change your name without forgetting.

  1. Bank account
  2. Place of employment
  3. Doctors (GP, ob/gyn, dentist, etc.)
  4. Alumni associations
  5. Club memberships (Costco, gym, grocery store cards, etc.)
  6. Credit card companies
  7. Utility companies (cable, phone, Internet, gas, electric, etc.)
  8. Cellphone company
  9. School, if you are actively enrolled
  10. Student loans
  11. Passport
  12. Insurance companies (health, home, fire, flood, vehicle, renters, life, etc.)

Change Name After Marriage in Ireland

Simple and Easy 4 Steps to Name Change after Marriage in Ireland

Step -1

In Ireland you can change your name whenever you want with no legal process required, but if you want to do it officially this can be done by deed poll.

What is Deed Poll

Deed Poll is a simple statement made by you that now on-wards you want to be called by this new name by the people. In the support of it you can attach your birth certificate to make administrative process easier.

Step- 2

Get Some Official Copies of your Marriage Certificate, some official authorities may also require an original, while for others Photocopy or True Copy will be sufficient.

Step -3

Note : Non-citizen must obtain a licence for a Deed Poll from the Change of Name Licence Section at The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

Either get a solicitor or a Deed Poll for you or even you can do it yourself in Ireland. Note that to do it yourself, you must Change your name by Deed Poll. Get the necessary documents in person from the Judgments Section of the Central Office of the High Court between 10 – 12:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don’t forget to bring your original birth certificate, your marriage certificate and a photo I.D. for example driving licence or passport of yours . Then get the affidavit to a solicitor or a Commissioner for Oaths. The Bring Back the completed documents to the Judgments Section in the Central Office of the High Court in person and Pay stamp duty (€35)

Step 4-

Update the other relevant organisations.

Here is a list of suggestions of agencies in which you should change name after marriage

  1. Banks
  2. Employer
  3. Insurance companies including Medical Insurance Life Insurance etc.
  4. Department of Health & Social Security
  5. Inland Revenue
  6. Passport Office
  7. Personal Doctor or Family Doctor
  8. Credit card
  9. Investment Companies
  10. Pension Company etc.
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