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Computer Hardware Maintenance

Audio Visual Notes Contents :

  • Introduction to Windows and DOS Operating Systems

  • Computer Hardware Basics

  • Mother Basics, CPU Basics, Familiarization with Input Output Cards

  • PC Assembly, CMOS Setup

  • Hard Disk Partitioning 

  • Operating System and Application Installation

  • Keyboard, Mouse, MM Devices, Internet Devices, Disk Drives, Printer, Scanner Installations and Settings

  • Configuration, Troubleshooting PC Problems

  • Diagnostic Tools such msconfig, hijackthis and more..

  • Study of Computer Viruses (Boot Sector Virus, File Virus, Spyware, Adware etc) Prevention and Removal of Virus.

  • Several Management Tools such as De-fragmentation, HDD Scanning, Cleanup Utilities, System Recovery, Performance Tools Security Settings etc.

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