How to Choose a Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

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When purchasing a sari the questions strikes in mind Which type of sari should I wear wedding sari in a Wedding Party?
Should I choose Dark or Light Colour sari?
How to Choose Best and Perfect Saree or Sari for my Complexion?
I am short which Type of sari will suit me most?
How to Choose a Perfect sari for My Body Type?
Which type of sari and how to wear sari or saree or party wear saree to Look Slim?
I am a Fat, Overweight, Plus Size Woman, What kind of sari or saree will Suit Me?
how to choose a perfect sari for your body type ?
Perfect Sari for you?
Best Sari or Best half saree or best bridal sarees for you?
These questions looks bigger if you want to buy or purchase saree online. If these kind of questions are coming to your mind then here is the answer :)

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How to Choose a Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

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According to a survey Best suited dress for Indian Women is Saree. But on several occasions woman complaints that the designer saree when it was on dummy was looking very good. But designer sarees on her is not looking as good as it was looking in the shop. The answer is so simple i.e. Body Type of a Women. If this the case then the most important questions is that How to Choose a Perfect Saree for Your Body Type. After reading this you would say that saree tie style, selecting saree blouse types, different style of saree draping is actually an art. And you can select the saree for u that suits you the best.

So here I am giving you simple tricks tips to choose right saree for your body type or the Sari suits the most on you:

How to Know your body type :

Usually women can be categorized in four basic body shapes. i.e. (See Pic Below to check your body type). But which ever is your body type by using different sarei style, with the selection of best sari among the various sari types with correct saree blouses patterns, correct fabric for your body type your can look slim or thin in saree. Because looking slim and trim is the dream for every women. Here we are presenting  types of sarees, ways to drape a sari, different ways of draping saree, types of sarees, how to wear sari, ladies designer blouse design, saree designs, wedding sarees and more for you.

How to Choose a Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

How to Choose a Perfect Saree for Your Body Type


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