पदमावती एकतीसा | Padmavati Mata Ektisa in Hindi

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Padmavati Mata Ektisa

Padmavati Mata Ektisa

पदमावती एकतीसा हिंदी में डाउनलोड करें

Mata Padmāvatī is the protective goddess of Pārśva, twenty-third tirthankara (23rd) in Jainism. Maa Padmavati enjoys an religious life and Padmavati Mata is very popular amongst Jains. According to the Digambara tradition, Maa Padmavati and her husband Dharnendra just protected Pārśva when he was harassed by Meghalin. Svetambara tradition, does not list Mata Padmavati among the main queens of Dharnendra. maxen.pro has compiled Padmavati Mata Ektisa in Hindi for her devotees. which can be downloaded in pdf form.

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