Type in Hindi on Facebook

Type in Hindi on Facebook

Now you can Type in Hindi on Facebook using Google Input Tools for Windows. Which is an input method editor tool that allows you to enter text in any of the regional supported languages using a Latin (English or QWERTY) keyboard. You can type a word the way it sounds (As far as Hindi is concern use Roman Spelling For Example if you want to type हमारे then type HAMARE). using Latin characters and Google Input Tools for Windows will convert the word to its native script. Google Input tools include transliteration, IME, and on-screen keyboards.

Currently Google Input Tools for Windows is available for 22 different languages which includes : Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Arabic, Amharic, Bengali, Gujarati, Persian, Greek, Hebrew, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian, Telugu, Tigrinya, Sinhala and Tamil.

Type in Hindi on Facebook

Type in Hindi on Facebook

Features of Google Input Tools

  • Offline Support: Internet connection is not required.
  • Personalized Choices: Automatically Remember user corrections along with macro and canonical support.
  • Auto Word Completions: Dictionary-based word completions for prefixes.
  • Quick Search: Single-click web search for highlighted words.
  • Easy Keyboard: Dictionary-enabled keyboard to enter rare and complex words.
  • Cool Customizations: Customize candidate window size, display fonts and more.

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