what she likes in bed

What women want in bed – women’s point of view


MARIA, 36, Austrilia says “I like Manhandle me, press his body against mine, and don’t be afraid to take the upper hand.”

BROOKE, 27, England says “Get me in up in your favorite position and give me something really new.”

LEEZA, 25, Afghanistan says “Blindfold me, Tie me up, and then explore me.”

BRIDGET, 29, Japan says I would like “Order me around and Talk dirty! It helps me know what you like!”

MICHAELA, 34, Kazakhstan says “Pay more attention towards the details of my nice body, have especial attention to my clitoris. Find multiple spots of being stimulated at which makes for multiple orgasms.”

KAREN, 45, Montenegro says “I love Lip service, please specially below the belly! Talk dirty to me to your woman, tell her what makes her feel special in that particular moment. And use your tounge all over me.”

SONYA, 28, Haiti says “Put a vibrator on me; and pleasure me in different ways at once.”

ISABELLA, 31, Denmark “More and more foreplay. As we are complex creatures, so just one minute of kissing is not enough for me. Touch me, play with my parts, grab me, play with me until I beg to put and put in hard.”

ANGELICA, 27, Turkmenistan “Take me on the kitchen counter or onto a table, interrupt me while I’m cooking, totally be unexpected grab me any where we don’t have sex yet! Spontaneity is the key it enhance my interest and turns me ON.”

HOLLY, 26, Virgin Islands (U.S.) says “Stop being self-conscious. We don’t want everytime someone who pussyfoots and just around thinking, ‘Does she want me to do this or that?’ Since there’s no room for insecurities during the fun time in bedroom, so leave them outside the door.”

TINA, 27, India says “Nothing is really worse than a one-minute man, Step up your fun game and learn to control and have stamina.”

NANCY, 42, Zimbabwe saus “Confidence is good, but not cockiness. A woman wants a real man who isn’t afraid to please her in any way. Massage me to loosen up and to ease the tension.”

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