what she likes in bed

Top 15 Things She Wants You to Do For Her in Bed

She Wants You to Do For Her in Bed

She Wants You to Do For Her in Bed


When we asked women for their greatest se*ual desires to prepare this unbelievable list of tips, tricks, techniques, and fantasies women liked the most. Read on to get the details which may help you to improve your love life more becuase from the subtle stuff you may be forgetting the secret ways she wants to get freaky.

Kristin, 26, Venezuela says “I would love the idea of being picked up and kissed, touched, and groped against a wall before moving into the real party to the bed or sofa or onto a table. Or you can just grab me up and do me while standing with wall, taking complete control over me and when I’m getting excited then only think about it.”

Jen, 28, France says “I am really surprised that how little men want to get so ‘rough’ in bed. But rather I really enjoy it when a man wraps his hands into all my long, curly hair and pulls me back, especially when he’s entering from behind. And after hair pulling, I like it when he puts his hand on front of my neck and just pulls me into him it’s really such a turn-on!”

Stephanie, 25, Albania says “I love been tied up. Actually I love the idea of just to surrender me to another person, trusting him when he plays and stimulate my body.”

Amber, 22, Pakistan says “I like as sappy, as this sounds, the whole petals on the bed and candles all around thing? It’s so romantic, and nothing is more or ultimate turn-on than romance.”

Becca, 23, Belgium says “Instead of just taking our clothes off ourselves in a boaring way, I wish my guy would slowly remove mine and julst love every inch of my naked body as he sees it. I would love to see him Feeling and getting excited with every piece of my clothing that comes off is so sensual. in fact, he should also tell me just how much excited he is on every step of the way.”

Kat, 29 , Bahrain says “Simple: I want him to stop an elevator and have me there. Hot is’nt it!”

Alicia, 31, Canada saus “Every girl has her unique fantasy about her man. I would really love to have someone who is dress up as a police officer, cuff me, search me thoroughly…and then get a little rough.”

Lindsay, 27 Cyprus saus “Make it all about me for once. Start with massages, kissing me everywhere on my whole body, teasing me, just making me feel great over and over again until I’m really exhausted, after that cuddling and then falling asleep together. And I am sure the next night, I’ll return the favor.”

Lisa, 24, Armenia says “Actually this is my biggest fantasy, but I’m afraid to tell to my boyfriend. Because I don’t know how he will react to it. I would love to have one another woman in bed with us while doing fun. I want to watch him get turned on as I pleasure her—and vice versa.”

Erin, 29, Israel says “I would like a man to order me, takes charge in the bedroom. And tell me exactly what he wants me to do to pleasure him and I would also appriciate her manner to pleasure me back. It doesn’t have to be forceful, just simple, like when he pushes my hands over my head, or tells me to get on my knees. Becuase half of my pleasure is also pleasing him.”

Ayana, 27, Haiti says “I wish my man with more into having food in bed with us. I would work hard to keep my flat stomach, and also love it when he licks cream or honey off of it!”

Felicia, 22 , Libya says “I would like to be tied and completely naked, while he teases me with a feather at every sensitive part of my body. The light touch all over the body would feel absolutely electrifying.”

Rachel, 24, Malta says “I never forget the importance of good kissing…and kissing for a very long time! Men usually fail to recognize what a turn-on it is for us.”

Krystal, 30, Thailand says “Just surprise me. And not only mine but almost every woman’s fantasy is just to have her man that wants her so badly he picks her up, throws her down somewhere onto bed or sofa, rips off her clothes regrusly and has his way with her. Actually we want a man to want us so badly, just absolutely have to go for it. Spontaneous is the key, passionate s*x is so manly and sexy!”

Michaela, 25, Uganda says “Most men are willing to go down very fast but many don’t know how to take their time and please a woman. Infact It would be fair to say that most of the women want to be treated like a dripping ice cream cone. Like you’re enjoying every single minute of it.”

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