what she likes in bed

What Your Woman Secretly Wants In Bed

What Your Woman Secretly Wants In Bed

What Your Woman Secretly Wants In Bed


If you have read all the above pages you would agree 1 thing that satisfying a woman or to please her on bed is more of emotional rather than technical. Specially when a woman is quiet or look like not satisfied, a guy often looks to himself and his techniques or acts, wondering if he’s lacking in technique or not doing enough or doing everything to please his woman. Generally visiting some of the websites or seeing adult content on net or or TV a man may expect to hear moans of passion which are the highlights of the Adult Films. If that level of intensity is missing, he may wonder, what’s wrong? But that all happen only in Films and not in real life or should I say every time in real life.

The fact of the matter is that what women want in bed does not lies in technique and but more in attitude. She craves your confidence. A woman doesn’t expect her man to be a mind reader, but to be curious bout every fine detail of her body and very eager to explore it. A woman could want a take-charge kind of guy who’s neither too shy nor too timid about his need to completely explore every bit of her.

Usually sex educators teach women the very same thing. They encourage women to take charge during the act of sex lives by communicating their wants and needs to their partners. Through these kind of communications, they’re much more likely to get their needs met.

In the bed, all the humans crave and need to be maximum possible true to their gender roles. Sometimes women do want to be the feminine vixen, true to their biology and the root carnal force.



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