what she likes in bed

What She Likes in Bed or What Women Want in Bed

Step by Step what she likes in bed


Step by Step what she likes in bed

She will appriciate if you remove her clothes slowly

Don’t rush Man! Go very slow that is she want in bed, remove her clothes one by one in a sexy way, otherwise she will think that you just want her for se*. You can start massaging with her neck. Get her relaxed by massaging her neck with your finger tips slowly then you can move to her shoulders the down arms remember again go each step slowly and don’t rush now you may start kissing her on her back or shoulder, surely this act will liked by her. Now its time to unhook her bra remember keep massaging with one hand. Now remove her bra and lick her nipples at the same time you may pull her hair keep it up until she groans. Now at last pull down her Panty. Move down from her breasts to her Panty, bite her Panty with your teeth and pull it down slowly which will turn her on a little more. Then pull her panty down slowly with both hands. I thing now she is turned ON. Now you must know how to satisfy women in bed.

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