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How to Please a Girl in Bed

How to Please a Girl in Bed

Biting her Lower Lip will arouse her more.

a- BITE HER LIP is Liked by Most of the Women-

Before removing her cloths bite her bottom lip slowly and hold on to it for a couple of seconds but be very softer and gentle is the first thing that she need and will appriciate. Be gentle as you can because more you gentle bite will more passionate it will feel and the more turned on she, your love will become.

Liked by Most of the Women


b. KISSING HER NECK and Earlobes is liked by her

Now Move to her cheek from her lips and then goto her neck and finally on to her earlobes. Both licking and kissing at the same time. The earlobes are one of the most sensitive so, spend a minute or two on those thats the thing what women want in bed,  before going to the next.

c. Women want her Back to be TICKLED and will definitely will please her

liked by her

She will definetely like it you Tuckle her Back


While you are kissing her, use your both hands or finger tips to tickle her back (over her clothes don’t go under cloth yet) after a while you can put your hands directly under her top. Slowly and Gently scratch her back and keep kissing her due to this your love may shiver a little. With one hand, gently and slowly unhook her bra thats the thing what women want in bed .

d. BE FIRM (Most of the Women Like)

Don’t be predictable so every time you need to mix the teasing up techniques so she doesn’t know what’s coming next (this will spice things up within no time). Now grab her hands, put her down on the bed and push her arms above her head and not tease her by slowly run your hands down her arms and kiss her all the way down to her belly button.

e. DON’T BE PREDICTABLE (Women Like Surprises)

Usually men are very predictable they usually starts with B**bs and then go straight to Pu**y. But actually it’s not teasing at all. it’s just being predictable. You should go for her B**bs only when her top is off already and you’ve  kiss her neck, chest and stomach. One thing to remember that when kiss her b**bs, then also kiss around the nipples, then FINALLY lick her nipples. She may let out a groan and arch her back, which is actually a great sign that she is enjoying it. You can also gently bite one nipple and twiddle the other one, will giving her double pleasure, you may also do a pinch if you want and gauge her reaction to everything so you can see what is best and what is best remember it for the next time or repeat it.

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