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what she likes in bed

Priyanka Chopra also has Big Breasts
Priyanka Chopra also has Big Breasts You are Reading..

what she likes in bed

Does Women like Oral more?  (She Need it Desperately)

Does Women like Oral more?
She may like unhooking her bra in style


Selfish Oral Se* may be the answer to the question how to satisfy a girl in bed. While making love in bed sometimes it is not bad rather its good to give a feeling to your girl in bed like a princess don’t worry she will like it and pay you back so do each and everything she wants in the bedroom, just to please her. Becuase this is one of the things to try in bed and is actually very hit with the ladies and most of the women are passionate about it. Make sure what a woman wants and not what a you wants practice your oral skills up to scratch, because you have to be down there for 30 to 40 minutes.

You may Start the list of what she needs in bed with kissing her inner thighs. Remember Go Slowly and Don’t Rush. Start at her knees and kissing and licking her legs upwards to her inner thighs. Remember one more thing when you go up only go for left or right leg, but don’t touch her pu**y yet, let her beg for it a little and that’s what women really want. Now after teasing her its time to move onto her inner lips(INNER LIPS) Gently kiss and lick her inner lips and slowly spread them wide, licking them from the base to the top, ending up on the clitoris.Not go down on her clitoris.

Note – Every woman is different, so you need to ask her what she wishes or if she does not speak then try new things to do in bed.

It is very good to start licking the clitoris with the tip of your tongue, going up, down, back and forth i.e. in every direction. You can also suck the clit and kiss it. while doing this read her body language to see what she likes, if she’s groaning and pulling your head towards her, then keep doing what you’re doing. If she’s saying “ouch” and pushing you away, move onto something else or take things a little slower. But don’t worry it is not waist of time if you give pleasure women in bed , she will repay you even more.

Quick tip: If the girl on bed got orgasms during foreplay then dominate women lightly blow on her clitoris immediately to stimulate her clitoris which will be VERY sensitive. Because most of the women want to be dominated.

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