what she likes in bed

She wants more and more foreplay

By the time, she’s already turned on and ready, now you can go inside. But sometimes, it may not be so easy for a girl to answer the questions of this kind because a lot of girls don’t even know what will get them ON. But since she is ready to have a hookup with you means that she probably knows at least some of the things that will really get her going. But she is probably just too shy to say it to you. So if this is the case then she can either show you by guiding your mouth or hands where she wants them. Or you have to get her confidence to have her let you know exactly where she wants everything to go. There is a great chance that may be she has also a few great ideas in her mind, you can let loose once she gives you a couple of pointers.

She wants more and more foreplay

she wants foreplay

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