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C Language - Introduction

Integer, Real, Char Constant, Variables and their naming, C Keywords, +, -, *, /, %, = Operators, Hierarchy and Associativity, Int, Float, Char Mutual Conversions, How to Write Programs in C, Comments, Solved Examples

Introducing Logics

Relational Operators(> >= < <= == !=), If-else Statement, Forms of if, Nesting, Logical Operators(&& || !), Conditional/Ternary Operator( ? : ), Bitwise Operators(~ >> << & | ^).


Increment/Decrement Operators(++/--), Self Assignment Operators(+=, -=, *=, /=etc.), while, for, do-while loops, Use of Continue and break statements.


Switch Introduction, Use of break, Use of Default, Nested Switch.


Introduction to Functions, Return Type of a Function, Arguments of Functions, Function Prototype, Call by Value and Call by Reference Methods, Storage Class (Auto, Register, Static, Extern Storage Classes their Examples),  Pointers & Recursion.


Declaration, Initialization, Accessing, Bounds Checking, Memory Map, Passing to Function, Arrays & Pointers, Multi Dimensional Arrays, Array of Pointers.


Accessing Strings, Taking Multi Word Input through scanf(), gets(), puts(), strlen(), strcpy(). strcat(), strcmp(), strcmpi(), strlwr(), strupr(), Pointers and Strings

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