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CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A : Vocabulary comprises one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

CDS Vocabulary word starting from A
CDS Vocabulary word starting from A

Word Starting from A with its Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and Example


AbackTaken by surpriseSurprised, thrown off guardRelax, ContendedEveryone was taken aback by Sachin’s decision to quit.
AbandonTo leave something and never return to it.Desert, LeaveContinue, Carry onRailway has abandoned their outer signal.
AbaseTo humiliateDegrade, Disregard, DishonourRegard, Honour, RespectAbasing someone is immoral.
AbashedMake someone feel embarrassed or ashamedEmbarrass, HumiliateUnabashed, UndauntedHe is abashed of his own mistakes.
AbateTo make or become less strongWeaken, LessonStrengthen, IntensifyWe waited for the wind to abate.
AbbreviateTo shortenTo abridge, To curtailLengthen, EnhanceThe voluminous book was abbreviated for the convenience of the students.
AbdicateTo give up powerRelinquish, RenounceAcceptThe old king abdicated the throne.
AberrantStraying from the right or normal wayDeviant, atypicalNormal, UsualAberrant behaviour can be a sign of rabies in an animal.
AbetTo encourage someone to do wrongAssist, Incite, Encourage,Demotivate, PreventShe abetted the thief in the robbery.
AbeyanceA state of not happening or being used at present.Abandon, suspension, DiscontinuationContinuation, ResumptionThe old generator has been in abeyance for six months.
AbhorTo feel hatred or dislikeDetest, LoatheLike, AdmireThe world would be like heaven if all the people abhor none.
AbideTo accept something in accordance withObey, followFlout, RejectCitizens have to abide by the rules.
AbnegateTo give-up; renunciationDiscard, RejectaccceptAbnegating superstitions is advantageous
AboundTo exist in large numbers or amountsPlenty, SufficeScare, ScantyKiwis abound in New Zealand.
AbrasiveShowing little concern for feeling of othersRude, annoying, UnfriendlyPleasant, friendlyAbrasive behaviour of employees may prove harmful to a firm.
AbrogateTo end a law, agreement or custom formallyAbandon, AbortInstitute, IntroduceOur country should abrogate outdated laws.
AbstainWithhold or refrainAvoid, ceaseDo, continueIt is worth while to abstain from intoxicants.
AbstruseDifficult to understand, obscureEsoteric, PerplexingClear, ObviousYou are not the only one who finds Einstein’s theory abstruse.
AbsurdRidiculous, unreasonableFoolish, RidiculousReasonable, GenuinePolitical parties indulge in absurd arguments before the election.
AbutTo border uponAdjoin, Lie next to, adjacentFar, oppositeOur land abuts a nature preserve.
AbysmalExtremely poor or badAwful, terribleGood, PleasantThe quality of her work is abysmal
AccedeTo agreeConsent, AcceptanceDisagree, Refusal, DenialThe business contract between the two parties was acceded successfully.
AccentuateTo emphasise or to make noticeableHighlight, HypeShadowed, DowntroddenPeople often shout to accentuate their opinion
AccessibleEasy to obtain, approachableAchievable, AcquiresomeRemote, DistantEverything is accessible with the Internet.
Accessory A thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractiveAdornment, RetrofitSubsidiaryCellular phones are incomplete without the accessories.
AcclaimPublic approval and praisePraise, Applaud, CheercriticiseSardar Patel was an acclaimed leader.
AccoladeAn award or an expression of praise.Appreciation, Honour, AwardCriticismGetting success is a great accolade.
AccordBe harmonious or consistentConcord, AgreementDisagree, ContrastThe board of directors could not reach an accord in the annual meeting.
AccostApproach and address angrily or aggressivelyAnnoy, confrontAid, HelpOn the mistake of the son, father accosted him.
AccrueTo increase in number or amount.To collect, To accumulateDisperse, DwindleCrossing for a single run accrued the score of the team.
AdeptSkilfulExpert, EfficientUnskilled, InaptIt seems that he is adept in computers.
AdjournTemporary breaking-offSuspend, InterruptCarry out, AdvanceHe has adjourned his journey.
AdjunctSomething joined or added to another thing but is not an essential part of it.Supplement, AdditionSubtraction, LesseningThe witness of the case has adjuncted a new twist in it.
AdjureTo urge solemnlyRequestAnswerOn the continuous adjuring of students, a picnic was arranged.
AdmonishTo warnScold, ReproveAllow, ComplimentThe teacher admonished the student for his insolent behaviour.
AdornMake more beautiful or attractiveTo embellish, To decorateMalign, DefaceThe temple is adorned with flowers.
AdroitVery skilfulExpert, ProficientUnskilled, IncompetentThe showroom needs an adroit mechanic.
AfflictAffect adverselySuffer, BotherComfort, AidThe flood has greatly afflicted the crops in this village.
AffluenceHaving a lot of moneyWealth, ProsperityScarcity, PovertyGenerally, affluent fathers have spoilt kids.
AffrontAn action or remark that causes outrage or offenceInsult, OffenceHonour, ComplimentPoor dressing sense often causes affront.
AggrandizeIncrease power, status or wealth ofExalt, BoostAbase, DegradeIts a movie that aggrandizes the bad guys.
AggravateTo make a problem worseWorsen, compoundSoothe, CalmThe symptoms were aggravated by drinking alcohol.
AgogVery eager or curious to hear or see somethingEager, ImpatientReluctant, UninterestedHe was all agog on hearing the news of his promotion.
AltercationA noisy argument or disagreement, especially in publicQuarrel, BickeringAgreement, HarmonyA general political talk should not lead to an altercation.
AltruismDisinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.Benevolence, HumanitarianismGreediness, MeannessMother Teresa is known for her altruism.
AmalgamateTo combine to form a larger groupTo merge, CombineSeparate, DisjoinHutchison and Essar group amalgamated to form Hutchison-Essar.
AmbiguousOpen to more than one interpretation, not having one obvious meaning.Unclear, ConfusingClear, ObviousAmbiguous answers must be removed.
AmeliorateMaking a situation better, less painfulMitigate, ImproveWorsen, AggravateGovernment grant is ameliorating the situation in the territory.
AmenableOpen and responsive to suggestionsCompliant, Manageable, PersuadableStubborn, Rigid, Non-compliantA better way to resolve the problem is being amenable.
AmicableFriendly behaviour of a personFriendly, Good-naturedUnfriendly, HostileNoble people are always amicable.

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