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CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C: Vocabulary comprised one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C
CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from B and C

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Word starting from B with its Synonyms, Antonyms and its Examples

BabbleTo talk or say something in a quick, confused, excited or silly wayChatter, BumbleQuiet, SenseHe seems to be Babbling.
BadgerTo try to make someone do something by asking them many times.Pester, Bother, TormentAid, DelightThe peon had to be badgered to get the form signed by the principal.
BalefulFull of evil intentions, menacingDestructive, MalignantGood, Helping, PromisingHis baleful behaviour was strange.
BanalTrite; something boring; ordinary and not originalCommon place, Trite, Boring, DullEntertaining, Original I hate the places  that seem banal.
BaneA cause of great distress or annoyance.Ruin, DestructionBlessing, Boon, AdvantageTraffic congestion and air pollution are major banes for Delhi and Delhiites.
BashfulTending to feel uncomfortable with other people and be embarrassed easily; sayDiffident, Modest, Meek, coy, NervousOpen, ConfidentShe feels bashful in my company.
BerateTo criticize or scold severelyLash out, Tear into, AbusePraise, ComplimentFather berated his son of his mistakes.
BereavementThe situation you are in when a close friend or a family member has died.Death, LossHappinessBereavement caused by my father’s death is immeasurable.
BestowTo give or confer honour to someoneAward, Give, Grant, PresentDeprive, Refuse, TakeA lot of award are bestowed upon him.
BigotoryIntolerance towards those who hold different opinion from oneself.Fanaticism, PrejudiceTolerance, ImpartialityA deeply ingrained bigotry prevented her from even considering the arguments.
BizarreStrange and difficult to explainStrange, WeirdExplainable, NormalThe bizarre events taking place in the deserted house led the people to assume that it was haunted.
BlabberTalk foolishlyChatter, BabbleSenseBlabbering is what one can expect from fools.
BohemianA socially unconventional person, especially an artist or a writerNon-ConformistConformistThe Bohemian attitude is considered rebellious.
BolsterTo support or strengthenStrengthen, ReinforceDiscourage, UndermineMore money is needed to bolster the industry.
BoorA person who is rude and does not consider other people’s feelingsLout, RogueCivilised, Decent, ModestTerrorists are nothing but boors.
BovineRelating to or affecting cattle, looking or acting like a cowCow-like, Cattle-likeShe stared at us with a stupid bovine expression.
BragTo speak proudly of what you have done or what you own.Swagger, BoastBe modestHe was bragging about his success.
BrashShowing too much confidence and too little respectArrogant, brazenDiffident, MeekA brash man has less friends.
BumbleTo speak or move in a confused wayLurch, StumbleEfficient, ExpertBumbling persons create a doubt to security.
BungleTo do something badly or unsuccessfullyMishandle, MismanageSucceedHe has bungled the whole work.
BuoyantHappy and confidentHappy, JoyousUnhappy, SadHe was very buoyant about the visit to Agra.
BurgeonTo grow or develop quicklyExpand, SwellShrink, ContractTerrorism is burgeoning across the border.
BurlyA large and strong personTawny, GiganticLean, ThinThere must be a burly man for the role of a demon.
BustlingIf a place is bustling, it is full if busy activity.Dashing, ScurryingQuiet, Inactive, DormantThe house, usually bustling with activity, was strangely silent.


Word starting from C with its Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and its Example

CabalA group of people who secretly work together


Clique, FactionIndividualHe was assassinated by a cabal of aides.
CacheA hidden store of provision, weapons, treasure; to hide weapons or other thingsHoard, StoreDiscard, RemovePeople must create a cache of medicines for emergency.
CajoleTo persuade someone to do something by coaxing or flatteryPersuade, CoaxDissuade, DiscourageHe knows how to cajole people into doing what he wants.
CalamityAn event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress or severe afflictionTragedy, CatastropheBlessing, GodsendThe great calamity was brought to rest.
CallousShowing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.Insensitive; UnsympatheticSensitive, SympatheticPeople often think that doctors are callous.
CalumnyA false accusationDefamation, SlanderEulogy, PraiseHe is a victim of calumny
CamouflageTo disguiseHide, ConcealReveal, ShowThe camouflaged players arrived at the airport.
CanardA false, report or storyTale, StoryTruthThe newspaper was used sued for publishing a canard about a celebrity.
CannyVery clever and able to make intelligent decisions.Clever, ShrewdUncanny, DaftRohan is a canny card player.
CantankerousBad tempered, argumentative and uncooperativeBad tempered, UncooperativeAffoble, Good-naturedChildren are by nature cantankerous.
CapaciousHaving a lot of spaceSpacious, OpenSmall, CrampedA bungalow is a capacious house to live-in
CardinalOf the greatest importance, fundamental.Significance, FundamentalUnimportantCardinal facts of the case are hidden.
CareenTo go forward quickly while moving from side to sideLurch, RockCrawl , CreepI saw the duck careening through the ponds.
CastigateTo criticize severelyRebuke, Chide, ScoldAdmire, praiseOdd behaviour of a person is a matter of castigation.
CatalystStimulus; a person who caused change by his presenceImpetus, IncentiveInhibitor, PreventerBirbal was a catalyst in the court of Akbar.
CatapultTo suddenly put someone into an important position; to propelExcel, MarshalTo recede, DeclineSomeone cannot be catapulted to be the chief straight way.
CharismaticPossessing spiritual grace; inspiringCharming, FascinatingOffensive, FrighteningModi is a charismatic leader.
ChasteMorally pure or decentDecent, PureImpure, indecentThe chaste conduct of the austere person commands respect.
CherubicGood naturedInnocent, AngelicDemonic, DevilishHis behaviour reveals his approach to be cherubic.
ChideTo express mild disapproval of someone, to scold someone gentlyRebuke, ScoldAdmire, PraiseMother chided the son for his rude behaviour with the guests.
ChronicHappening or existing frequently or most of the timePersistent, long standingTemporary, MildShe suffers from chronic pain in her knees.
ChurlishRude, unfriendly and unpleasantArrogant, ill-manneredGracious, politeChurlish behaviour is his trademark.
CloutPower and influenceSway , PowerPowerlessHitler was a man of great clout.
CoalesceTo grow together or unite into one; to fuseFuse, JoinSplit, breakupThe ice-masses coalesced into a glacier over time.
CogentVery clear and easy for the mind believeConvincing, CompellingVague, unconvincingHis ideas were cogent and sound.
ConciliateTo end a disagreement or someone’s anger by acting in a friendly way or to slightly change your opinionAppease, PlacateProvokeThe nagging child was conciliated by the toys.
ConcomitantNaturally accompanying or associated with somethingLinked, AssociatedDisassociated, UnlinkedLoss of memory is a concomitant of old age.
ConcussionTempporary unconsciousness or confusion caused by a blow on the headViolent shakingConsciousnessThe accident caused the man a severe concussion.
CondoneTo accept behaviour that is morally wrongAccept, AllowCondemn, PunishParents always condone the fault of children.
ContentiousCausing or likely to cause disagreementControversial, ArgumentativeAgreeableThe contentious issue may obstruct the development
ContortTo twist or bend out of normal shapeDistort, TwistStraighten, SmoothHe contorted the instrument by rough handling.
ContriveTo invent or make something in a clever or unusual wayCreate, ManufactureDestroy, RuinThe Defence Ministry contrived a plan to tackle cross border terrorism.
ConundrumA confusing and difficult question or problemDilemma, quandaryEasy-wayCompetitive exams make you face conundrums.
ConveneTo call together for a meeting or activitySummon, CallDisperse, LeaveWe convened at the hotel for a seminar.
Convivial(of an event or atmosphere) Friendly, lively and enjoyableJovial, PleasantSad, UnhappyThe President of the club arranged a convivial cocktail party.
CopiousAmple, producing muchPlentiful, AbudantScarce, MeagerThe storm produced a copious amount of rain.

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