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CDS Vocabulary Word starting from D

CDS Vocabulary Word starting from D

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from D

CDS Vocabulary Word starting from D
CDS Vocabulary Word starting from D

CDS Vocabulary Word starting from D: Vocabulary comprises one of the most scoring bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

Word Starting from D 

DabbleTake part in an activity in a casual way.Tinker, Dally, TrifleTake seriouslyRita dabbled in many things before she got married.
DaintySmall and gracefulElegant, PetiteCrude, UglyThe house looks dainty and beautiful.
DankUnpleasantly moist and coldWet, DampArid, DryHe shivered as he entered the dank room.
DeadlockA situation involving opposing parties, in which no progress can be made; stalemateGridlock, DilemmaSolution, AgreementThe mediator will help the opposing  parties end the deadlock so the contract can be signed.
DebacleA complete failure, a crushing defeatFiasco, FailureSuccess, AccomplishmentHe faced a debacle in yesterday’s game.
DebaseTo adulterate, to make poor in quality or of less valueDegrade, DevalueUpgrade, EnhanceDebased commodities are sold in the market.
DebauchTo destroy or damage something so that it is no longer considered good or moral.Abase, CorruptEnnoble, UpliftWestern culture has debauched the moral fabric of our society.
DebilitateTo make someone very weak and infirmCripple, DisableStrengthen, EnableThe virus debilitates the body’s immune system.
DecadenceHaving low moral standards and behaviourCorruption, DebaucheryAscent, DecencyDecadent people are not valued.
DecimateTo kill a large number of (something) or to reduce very heavily.Annihilate, ExterminateBear, Built, CreatePopulation of endangered animals have been decimated.

Vocabulary Word  starting from D with its Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and  its Example

DecrepitWorn out or ruined because of age or neglectDilapidated, BatteredFirm, HealthyThe building was a decrepit sample of bricks now.
DefalcateTo steal or misuse funds entrusted to one.Embezzle , Loot, FilchAppropriate, ReceivePublic funds are defalcated by leaders.
Demure(of a woman or her behaviour) Modest; shy; reservedMeek, BashfulBrazen, ShamelessHer demure nature gets everybody’s attention.
DeploreTo feel or express strong condemnation of somethingAbhor, DenouncePraise, commendPublic deplored the casual steps taken by the administration for the safety of women.
DeprevityThe state of being morally bad, or an action that is morally bad.Perversion, CriminalityGoodness, UprightnessPeople were shocked by the depravity of her actions.
DeprecateTo criticize or express disapproval of something.Belittle, DetractApprove, CommendEverybody deprecated the death of the charitable man.
DerideTo laugh at someone or something in a way that shows you think they are stupid or are of no value.Ridicule, Mock, DisdainAdmire, ApproveHe was derided at for his strange ways.
DesperadoA desperate or reckless person, especially a criminalBandit, VillainCivilizedLaw must punish the desperado.
DespotA ruler who has total power and often uses it in cruel and unfair ways.Tyrant, OppressorDemocratHitler was one of the biggest despots.
DesultoryLacking a plan, Purpose or  enthusiasmAimless, ChaoticOrganised, SystematicHe wandered around, cleaning up in a desultory way.
DetractDimish the worth or value of something.Belittle, DecreaseCommend, ComplimentNumerous errors in the book detracted the reader’s attention.
DeviousShowing a skilful use of underhand tactics to achi9eve goalsUnfair, FraudulentHonest, FairThe minister was a devious politician.
DevolveTransfer of power to a lower level

Pass into a worse state; degenerate

Delegate, Pass onCentralize, ImproveIn a democratic system, power is devolved to the local level.
DiabolicExtremely evilCruel, AtrociousKind, MoralThe police quickly mobilized to track down the diabolical serial killer.
DiffidentModest or shy because of a lack of self-confidenceBashful, MeekBold, ConfidentHe is too diffident to work in a company.
DisapprobationStrong disapproval, typically on moral groundsDeprecation, DisapprovalApproval, ApprobationSherry was used to constant disapprobation of critics


To make someone upset; unsettlePerplex, Baffle, BewilderAssist, CalmThe whole experience had disconcerted him.

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