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CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from F

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from F

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from F: Vocabulary comprises one of the most scorning bunch of questions in CDS exam. A sound vocabulary is always anticipated to crack the questions based on synonyms and antonyms.

Vocabulary Word starting from F

FaçadeThe principal front of a building that faces on to a street or open space.Front, Elevation, FrontageRear, backThe gallery’s 18th century façade attracted the visitors.
FacetiousTreating serious issues deliberately with inappropriate humour.Flippant, FrivolousSerious, FormalThe Facetious boy was chided.
FacileIgnoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial.

A success which is easily achieved

Superficial, HastyThorough, ProfoundThis problem needs more than just a facile solution.
FactitiousArtificial, not naturalFake, BogusNatural, RealHis explanations were all factitious.
FallaciousBased on a mistake belief; misleadingErroneous, FalseGenuine, TrueSomeone is spreading fallactious information.
FastidiousVery attentive to and concerned about matters of cleanlinessPainstaking, MeticulousCareless, SloopyHis culinary skills are fastidious.
FatuousStupid, not correct or not carefully thought aboutSilly, FoolishSensible, IntelligentAll his reasons appeared fatuous to me.
FecklessLacking initiative or strength of character ; irresponsibleUseless,  WorthlessResponsible, CompetentCountry does not need feckless people.
FecundVery fertileFertile, FruitfulUnproductive, InfertileThe soil of the plains is fecund.
FeistyHaving or showing exuberance, strong determination and lack of fearCourageous, GustyCowardly, DullMountaineering needs feisty people.

CDS Vocabulary Word Starting from F with its Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and its Example

FelicityIntense happiness

The ability to find appropriate expressions for one’s thoughts

Bliss, Delight, EloquenceSorrow, UnhappinessFelicity is bliss to be enjoyed.
Fester(0f a problem or negative feeling) become worse or more intense, especially through long term neglect or indifferenceSmoulder, AggravateFlourish, GrowIt is better to express your anger than let it fester inside you.
FetidSmelling extremely bad, FoulSmelly, PutridAromatic, PerfumedThe carcass of the dog has made the surroundings fetid.
FidelityHonest or  lasting support, Loyalty, FaithfulnessLoyalty, ConstancyDishonesty, InfidelityFriendship survives on fidelity.
Fiendinhuman, CruelBarbarian, OgreAngel, GodHis hands were trembling as if he was some sort of fiend.
FlackStrong criticism or oppositionCriticism, CensureAppraisal, PraiseDowry should be a matter of flack.
FlagrantToo bad to be ignoredHeinous, ShamelessMagnificent, WonderfulThe filling of innocent villagers is an example of flagrant ways of Maoists.
FomentTo cause trouble to developIncite, InstigateDeter, DiscourageHe was accused of fomenting violence.
FortitudeCourage in pain or adversityCourage , BraveryCowardice, FearFortitude makes you a winner.
FrenziedMadly excited or uncontrolledWild, FranticControlled, CalmThe office was a scene of frenzied activity this morning.


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