Computer Abbreviations for Competitions | Full Forms

Computer Abbreviations for Competitions

Computer Abbreviations for Competitions
A2Z Computer Abbreviations for Competitive Exams


Computer Abbreviations is an important topic and commonly asked in competitions. presents A to Z Computer Abbreviations usually asked in NIELIT CCC Exam. We have divided all the most important and most asked Computer Abbreviations for Course on Concept Exam and other Competitive Exams in 20 Sections/Pages. Each of the page describes one letter i.e. One Letter Per Page Computer Abbreviations for CCC Paper. Abbreviations is an important topic specially for All the Competitive Exams specially DOEACC CCC, SSC, Bank Clerk, Bank PO, MBA, Railway, Police and other Central and State Level Competitive Exams. Some of the people calls it Full Forms. There are thousands and thousands of computer abbreviations out there. But you can devide them in two categories i.e. one is Computer Technical Abbreviations while others usually with personal communication. Here is a fine collection of both technical and personal communication Computer Abbreviations. First lets starts with some of the common ones that you may have heard several times but do not know what exactly they mean.


Common Computer Abbreviations for Competitive Exams


A2Z List of Computer Acronyms


Computer Acronyms List is in alphabetic order. has compiled some of the mostly and frequently asked Computer Full Forms / Computer Abbreviations / Computer Acronyms List. These Full Forms are very useful for various Tests as well as Competitions. i.e. DOEACC CCC Exam, Govt. Jobs, Bank Clerk and Bank PO Exams,  ADA                 Automatic Data Acquisitions + Programming Language named after                                              Augusta Ada ADO                 ActiveX Data Objects AGP                 Accelerated/Advanced Graphics Port AJAX                Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ALP                  Automatic Language Processing ANSI                 American National Standards Institute AOL                  America Online API                  Application Program Interface ASP                 Active Server Page [Microsoft] AS/400          Application System/400 [IBM] ATA                Advanced Technology Attachment AT&T             American Telephone and Telegraph ATX                Advanced Technology Extended [Intel] AVI                 Audio Video Interleave [Microsoft] AWK              Unix language named after its authors… Al Aho, Peter Weinberger and Brian Kernighan BASIC           Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code BASM            Built-In Assembler B2B                Business-To-Business B2C                Business To Consumer BCS                Bar Code Sorter BDC               Backup Domain Controller BIOS              Basic Input/Output System BIT                 Binary Digit BTOA             Binary To ASCII BYTE              Binary Element String CAD                Computer Aided Design CADD             Computer Aided Design and Drafting CAM               Computer Aided Manufacturing CCNA             Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNP             Cisco Certified Network Professional CD                  Compact Disk C2D                Character To Decimal CDMA            Code Division Multiple Access CD-R              Compact Disk – Recordable CD-RW          Compact Disk – Rewritable CGA                Color Graphics Adapter CGI-BIN        Common Gateway Interface – Binary CMOS            Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor COBOL          Common Business-oriented Language CODEC          Coder/Decoder + Compression/Decompression COM1             First serial Port (asynchronous port) CPI                  Characters Per Inch CR/LF            Carriage Return/Line Feed CTRL              Control CXML             Commerce Extensible Markup Language CYMK             Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model) DB                   Data Base + Data Buffer + Device Bay DBMS             Data Base Management System DDR-SDRAM    Double Data Rate-SDRAM DMA               Direct Memory Access/Addressing + DMP               Dot Matrix Printer DRAM            Dynamic Random Access Memory DSL                 Digital Subscriber Line DVD                Digital Video Disk EBOOK          Electronic Book EGA                Enhanced Graphics Adapter E-MAIL          Electronic Mail EOF                 End Of File EPS                  Encapsulated PostScript EULA               End-User License Agreement EVGA               Extended Video Graphics Adapter EXE                  Executable (file name extension) FAT                   File Allocation Table FDC                   Floppy Disk Controller FEPROM          Flash EPROM FORTRAN        Formula Translator (Programming Language) GEM                 Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program) GIGO                Garbage In, Garbage Out GUI                   Graphical User Interface HCL                  Hardware Compatibility List HP                    Hewlett-Packard (Company) HTML              HyperText Markup Language HTTP                HyperText Transfer Protocol IBM                   International Business Machines                                     (Corporation) IIS                      Internet Information Server/Services                               [Microsoft] IMAC                 Internet Macintosh [Apple] INTEL               Integrated Electronics (company) IRQ                    Interrupt Request ISDN                 Integrated Services Digital Network ISP                     Internet Service Provider IT                       Information Technology JCA                  Java Cryptography Architecture JDK                  Java Development Kit JPEG               Joint Photographic Experts Group JSP                  Java Server Page JVM                 Java Virtual Machine Kb                    Kilobit KB                    Kilobyte Kbps                Kilobits Per Second KBps                Kilobytes Per Second LAN                 Local Area Network LASER            Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation LCD                 Liquid Crystal Display LED                 Light Emitting Diode LINUX            (Operating system named after Linus Torvalds) LISP                List Processing (Language) LOGO             (Programming Language) LPT1               First Parallel Printer Port LSD                Least Significant Digit MAC               Macintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer) MAN               Metropolitan Area Network MBR               Master Boot Record MCSD            Microsoft Certified Systems Developer MCSE            Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MICR             Magnetic Ink Character Recognition MODEM        Modulator/Demodulator MOSFET        Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect                                    Transistor NetBEUI        NetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM] NIC                 Network Interface Card NTFS              New Technology File System [Microsoft] NVRAM         Non-Volatile Random Access Memory OCR                Optical Character Recognition OCX                OLE Custom Control ODBC             Open Data Base Connectivity OLE                Object Linking and Embedding OMR               Optical Mark Recognition OS                   Operating System PC                   Personal Computer + Printed Circuit +Program Counter PHP                Personal Home Pages (Programming Language) PROM            Programmable Read Only Memory PS/2               Programming System 2 [IBM] RAS                Random Access Service R&D               Research and Development RPPROM       Reprogrammable PROM RSVP               Resource Reservation Protocol SAM                 Security Accounts Manager SAP                 Systems, Applications and Products   (company) [SAP] SATA                Serial Advanced Technology  Attachment SDK                 Software Development Kit [Microsoft] SDRAM            Synchronous DRAM SHTML             Server-Side Include HyperText Markup Language SIMM                Single In-line Memory Module SMART             Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology SMTP               Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SQL/DS            Structured Query Language/Data System [IBM] SRDRAM          Self-Refreshed DRAM SSL                  Secure Socket Layer SVGA               Super Video Graphics Array TASM               Turbo Assembler [Borland] TFT                   Thin-Film Transistor (screens) UNIVAC            Universal Automatic Computer UPS                 Uninterruptible Power Supply/System USB                 Universal Serial Bus [Intel] VGA                 Video Graphics Adapter WAN                 Wide Area Network WAP                 Wireless Application Protocol EPIC                 Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing  

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