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DOEACC CCC Sample Question Paper

DOEACC CCC Sample Question Paper is here with yet another fresh DOEACC CCC Sample Question Paper with Latest CCC Questions with Answers. These CCC Exam Questions are prepared specially keeping in view the most asked topic in DOEACC CCC Exam i.e. Computer Fundamentals.

DOEACC CCC Sample Question Paper

Computer Fundamentals CCC Model Paper

This is the First Part of DOEACC CCC Sample Question Paper of total of 125 no. of Questions with Answers. In this section there are 25 questions based on Computer Fundamentals CCC Model Paper with Answers.

  1. Where does a computer add and compare data ?

Ans. CPU chip

  1. Computer can not do anything without a.........

Ans. Program

  1. The word ‘Computer’ usually refers to the Cental Processor Unit plus.............

Ans. Internal memory.

  1. A computer is a box full of electronic.......

Ans. Switching devices.

  1. Which of the following belongs to the first generation of computer ?


  1. What hardware was used by first generation computers ?

Ans. Valves

  1. Processors of all computers, whether micro, mini or mainframe must have.......

Ans. (i) ALU  (ii) Primary storage (iii) Control Unit.

  1. A collection of eight bits is called.........

Ans. Byte.

  1. The basic components of a modern digital computer are :

Ans. (i) Input device  (ii) Output device

(iii) Central processor

  1. Control Unit of a digital computer is often called the ...

Ans. Nerve centre.

  1. A typical modern computer uses.......

Ans.  LSI Chips And VLSI Chips

  1. An Integrated Circuit (IC) is......

Ans. Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip

  1. A computer program consists of........

Ans. Algorithms written in computer’s language.

  1. The term “memory” applies to which one of the following........

Ans. Logic.

  1. Which is the most powerful type of computers ?

Ans. Super computer.

  1. Which is not true for primary storage ?


(i) Information must be transferred to primary storage.

(ii) It is relatively move expensive.

(iii) It allows very fast access to data

(iv) It is a part of the CPU.

  1. The most common input device used today is.....

Ans. Keyboard.

  1. What is the control unit’s function in the CPU ?

Ans. To decode program instructions.

  1. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of :

Ans. Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit, and primary storage.

  1. Where was the India’s first computer installed and when ?

Ans. Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, 1955.

  1. The first electronic digital computer contained ?

Ans. Electronic valves

  1. The first computer made available for commercial use was....


  1. The first computer used to store a program....


  1. Who is called the “Grand father” of the computer ?

Ans. Charles Babbage.

  1. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called :

Ans. Analytical Engine.

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