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DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022

DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022

DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022

DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022: DOEACC/NIELIT Society has revised/changed the syllabus for the Course on Computer Concepts (CCC). According to the Latest/Revised DOEACC CCC Syllabus, the main objective of the Course on Computer Concepts(CCC) Examination is to prepare a confident person in using computer techniques generally required to operate a computer i.e. a computer user. He/She should recognize the basic components of computers, working, and terminology. The person who does the DOEACC CCC Exam must understand data, information, file management, creation of documents, tabular sheets,  presentation. Must understand Computer networks, Internet, browsers, Searching, Emailing, etc. The person who clears the DOEACC CCC Exam is supposed to be familiar with e-governance applications and can use the internet for digital financial services.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022
DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022

Duration of NIELIT CCC Course

80 Hours (Can also be offered as 10 days full-time intensive course.)

Duration of NIELIT CCC Course
Duration of NIELIT CCC Course

When it comes to the duration of the NIELit ccc course, it is an 80 hours course. The 80 hours can be further divided into 32 hours of theory and 48 hours practical. You can practice for theoretical study on Also, we have covered all previous year’s papers and prepared a question bank for the CCC exam 2022.

The objective of the CCC course

The Course on computer concepts or CCC is aimed at the basic knowledge of technology. In other words, this exam particularly focuses on a layman for basic computer and internet literacy.

The course is designed so that the candidate should be able to achieve daily professional works on its own. Discussing benefits of ccc certificate as the exam is conducted by NIELIT, a government society. CCC certification is also a requirement in most government jobs. Below given is the detailed CCC course syllabus with all study material.


CCC is now conducted as a bilingual exam and you can find sample question papers in Hindi and English both. Although the ccc course fees may depend on the institute through which you are opting. Online ccc study material likes ccc notes pdf and books can help you in exam preparations.

Detailed Revised Syllabus of DOEACC NIELIT CCC 2022

Introduction to Computer

CCC is a computer course for beginners which offers a valuable certification. Being a beginner-level computer course, it includes Introduction to computer as its first chapter. We know how important ccc certificate is when it comes to government jobs. The sample ccc question answer on the introduction of computer can give you a brief introduction of computer. Although it’s a basic lesson, also read CCC Introduction to computer study material.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 1
CCC Syllabus Chapter 1

Introduction to Operating System

If you are trying to find study material for introduction to the operating system you can learn all about ccc chapter 2. Chapter 2 is based on GUI base operating system and its basic functions. Also, you may like these important ccc questions on the operating system.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 2
CCC Syllabus Chapter 2

Word Processing

In the previous syllabus, this chapter is named differently as elements of word processing. Word processing is an important topic for ccc exam. CCC paper includes topics like ms word. As we know ccc is all about the basics of computers so you can learn about ccc word processing.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 3
CCC Syllabus Chapter 3

Spread Sheet

When it comes to preparing for the ccc chapter on spreadsheets you can check out NIELIT DOEACC CCC Spreadsheet Study Material Notes in Hindi English. Along with all study material practice, some really ccc important question answers.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 4
CCC Syllabus Chapter 4

Presentation(DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus Chapter -5)

Presentation in ccc includes some basic PowerPoint presentation skills. The topic-wise study material with important questions and answers is provided on  Find ccc study material of presentation. Also, check out the most important question answers and previous year’s sample model question papers.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 5
CCC Syllabus Chapter 5

Introduction to Internet and WWW(DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus Chapter -6)

If we talk about NIELIT DOEACC CCC Introduction to Internet Study Material Notes in Hindi and English you can learn about the internet and www in the course of ccc. This chapter is all about basic internet operations and also provides some theories related to WWW and the internet.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 6
CCC Syllabus Chapter 6

E-mail, Social Networking and e-Governance Services(DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus Chapter -7)

E-mail service is used widely on a global scale. CCC is a basic computer so it primarily includes this chapter. If you want to study the topic. Don’t worry we have this covered. Check out DOEACC CCC Communication and e-mail study material which includes all notes for e-mail. Along with e-mail study material also practice some ccc e-mail MCQ question answers and true false.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 7
CCC Syllabus Chapter 7

Digital Financial Tools and Applications(DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus Chapter -8)

In this chapter, ccc candidates will learn about the concepts of digital financial service. In other words, The objective of this chapter is to provide an understanding of financial tools and applications. However, you can learn CCC study material about digital financial tools and applications. Along with that, you can find some question answers that would very much helpful. CCC financial tools MCQ question answer bank.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 8
CCC Syllabus Chapter 8

Overview of Future skills and Cyber Security(DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus Chapter -9)

CCC includes this new chapter in the revised syllabus as it is being a necessity to all internet users. In Layman’s terms, it is very necessary to gain basic cyber security knowledge. You can learn about this topic in detail on the internet itself.

DOEACC NIELIT CCC revised Syllabus Chapter 9
CCC Syllabus Chapter 9

Summary of DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022

As far as the DOEACC NIELIT CCC Revised Syllabus 2022 is concerned the main amendment/change/addition to the CCC Syllabus is Application of Digital Financial Services which includes Introduction, Objectives, Benefits of Digital Financial Services, Importance of Banks, Banking Products, Required Documents for Opening a Bank Account, Necessity of Insurance, Life Insurance, and Not-life Insurance, Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana(PMJDY), Social Security Schemes: Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, National Pension Scheme, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallets, etc.

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