DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper

DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper

DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper : A1 R3 IT Tools and Applications O Lvel July 2008 Question Paper With Answer, O Level Question Paper with Answer in Hindi and English PDF Download link in Available This Post. O Level Exam Question gives answer paper to NIELIT (DOEACC), for which 4 papers are asked.

DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper
DOEACC NIELIT O Level A1 R3 July 2008 Question Answer Sample Model Paper




1.       There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE CONTAINS FOUR questions and PART TWO contains FIVE questions.

2.       PART ONE is to be answered in the TEAR-OFF ANSWER SHEET Only, attached to the question paper, as per the instructions contained there in. PART ONE is NOT to be answered in the answer book.

3.       Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR Answer BOOK FOR PART TWO will be supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned. However, candidates, who complete PART ONE earlier than one hour, can collect the answer book for PART TWO immediately after handing over the answer sheet PART ONE.



(PART ONE – 40:PART TWO – 60)


  1. 1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most apprapriate one and enter in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein.

1.1 The connection between the computers and peripherals is called a




None of the above

1.2 Which one of the following is External DOS Command?





1.3 Virtual Memory is

Part of main memory only used for swapping

A technique to allow a program. Of size more than the size of the main memory to run

Part of secondary storage used in program execution

None of the above

1.4 Baud rate is

The difference between the lowest and the highest frequency transmitted

Transmission capacity

Transmission speed of channel

None of the above

1.5 Software designed for a specific purpose is called as

System Software


Specific Software

Application Software

1.6 Functions of operating system are:

Processor Management

Memory Management

Input / Output Management

All of the above

1.7 Which of the following charts is not likely to be included in an analysis or presentation graphics package?





1.8 The printers that produce the output by pressing a print element and an inked ribbon against the face of a continuous paper form is called:

Impact Printer

Non-impact printer

Scanning printers

None of the above

1.9 The utility used to increase the speed of programs is called

Disk Fragmenter

Disk Cleanup

Disk Formatter

None of the above

1.10 Find the odd one out:




None of the above

  1. 2. Each statement below is either TRUE and FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and ENTER in the “tear-off” sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein.

2.1 Motherboard is the main circuit board in the computer where memory, CPU and other components are plugged in.

2.2 Cache memory makes memory transfer rates higher and thus raise the speed of the processor.

2.3 The laser printer uses a technology called thermal process.

2.4 You can protect scenario so other users cannot change or modify it.

2.5 Without a mouse one cannot work with MS-WINDOWS.

2.6 Folders organize files on a disk.

2.7 In Linux error messages are placed in a standard byte stream called the standard error.

2.8 In DOS system FATs are stored before boot sector.

2.9 #REF! Error in MS-Excel occurs when the formula refers to an invalie cell.

2.10 MICR stands for Magnetic ink Course reader.

Q.3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/word(s)/ phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein.

3.1 FatA. is Dos command, indicates, which directories MS-DOS should search.
3.2 Pivot TableB. Mixed Reference
3.3 To Introduce page breakC. Non impact printer
3.4 $G$10D CTRL + ENTER
3.5 Hyperlink can be identified byE. The formula cannot use the number supplied.
3.6 #NUM 1F. Summarizes information within a worksheet.
3.7 PATHG. A table that the OS uses to search files on a DISK.
3.8 Slide WorkspaceH. Refers to the hierarchy of data in the spreadsheet.
3.9 Inkjet PrinterI. SHIFT + ENTER
3.10 LevelJ. Underline
 K. Impact Printer
 L. Absolute Reference
 M. The large white area where slides are created, viewed and edited.
  1. 4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in the list below. Enter your choice in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question paper, following instructions therein.

A. 46687B. Autoexec.BatC. MacroD. 1,073,741,824
E. PortraitF. 46567G. Command.comH. Shortcut
I. 1,048.576J. Bulleted effectsK. Universal Serial BusL. Operating System
M. Unified Sorted BulletsN. ConsolidateO. Mouse 

4.1 Icons with an arrow in the lower left corner are____icon.

4.2 The decimal equivalent of hexadecimal number B65F is___

4.3 I GB is equal to ___ bytes.

4.4 An organized collection of software that created and saved in an assigned control key.

4.5 ___is a collection of keystrokes that is created and saved in an assigned control key.

4.6  Internal commands in DOS are present in ____

4.7 Outline view in power point displays contents in ____

4.8 USB stands for ______

4.9 _____ combines values of multiple worksheets into selected cells.

4.10 ____ is a pointing device.


(Answer ANY FOUR questions)

Q.5. (a) In MS-Windows environment, what is the difference in using “My Computer” from “Windows Explorer” for exploring contents of a computer?

(b) When is a disk said to be fragmented? Write one disadvantage of fragmented disk.

(c) Explain the following DOS commands:


(ii) RMDIR

(iii) VER

Q.6, (a) What is an Open Source Software? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Open Source Software?

(b) What is multimedia? Discuss the role of multimedia in Marketing.

(c) Draw a block diagram showing components of a computer. Explain functions of CPU in detail.

Q.7. (a) Explain Macro in reference to MS-Excel by giving a suitable example. What, is an automatic macro?

(b) There are 500 employees in a company and their information stored in a database. Each record contains Employee Number, Employee Name, Employee Address, Gender, Basic Pay, DA, HRA and Total Pay. Assume that this data is transferred to a worksheet where each row refers to record of an employee. Now it is required to display only those records which which fulfil the following condition:

Display only those records who are females and their Total Pay is greater than 10,000.
Name the command in Excel that will be used for the above mentioned task and explain the procedure step by step.

(c) Explain the following:

(i) Embedded Charts

(ii) Absolute reference

(iii) Relative reference

Q.8. (a) What are non-impact printers? Explain briefly any two of them.

(b) What is a computer virus? What is the remedy available for computer viruses? How does it differ from a bug?

(c) What is template? What is the difference between a template and wizard>

Q.9. (a) Describe the Mail Merge operation in Microsoft Word. What is Mail Merge Helper? What are the steps involved in its usage?

(b) Convert (24.25)8 to equivalent decimal number and hexadecimal number.

(c) Explain about Animating Objects and Text while preparing slides presentation.

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