SSC CGL Tier 1 General English Determiners Study Material

SSC CGL Tier 1 General English Determiners Study Material 

SSC CGL Tier 1 General English Determiners Study : Material  Definition Determiners are words which quantify or identify nouns. Determiners are followed by a noun.

SSC CGL TIER 1 Determiners

SSC CGL Tier 1 General English Determiners Study Material
SSC CGL Tier 1 General English Determiners Study Material

Important Common Determiners







a.       An. The

All, few, many, several. Some

Her, his, its, my, our, their, your

This, that, these, those

One, three, hundred


कुछ और Determiners का अध्ययन करे.

Much It is generally used before the uncountable. It means a large quantity of. Much milk. Much loss, much advantage much cry,

Many It is used before the countable in the plural number. It means a large number of. Many students, many artists, many books, many streets.

A few Some atleast

I went to museum with a few friends yesterday.

The few All of them

The few trees left on the hillside do not bear any fruit.

Little Not much, hardly any. It is used almost in the negative sense.

There is little hope of my success. (hardly any)

A little Atleast some (though not much)

We still have a little money with us.

The little The whole quantity (though very little) The little rice that the shopkeeper showed me was of an inferior quality.

Few Not many, almost none

This TV channel is not good. It shows few good programmes. (almost none)

Determiners that help to ask questions may be described as interrogatives. What, which, whose, how much and how many are what books which basket, which baskets, which milk whose bat, whose bats, whose cleverness

‘Both’ and ‘All’ का प्रयोग जाने Both and All are used before nouns and pronouns. Both means two and all means each and every. Both the players played very well. All the students were presents in the class.

Either It has two meanings

  1. Any of the two different persons or things You can take either plates. (any of the two plates)

Either book can serve my purpose equally well. (any of the two books)

  1. The both

Tall multi-storey buildings have come up on either side of the road (on both the sides)

Neither candidate deserves our nor the other.

Neither candidate deserves our support. You should take neither side.

Each. Every We use each. When we think of Talk to each child.

We use every when we think of things as a group. The meaning is without exception Every child needs love and protection

Pointers to be Remember

§  Some and any can refer to both quantity and number some toffees/cream, some milk, salt etc. any news/questions. Any new books/ Information

§  Some is used in affirmative sentences

(a)    We have invited some friends to tea.

(b)    I need some papers to write on.

§  Any is normally used in negative sentences The employees haven’t done any work since morning.

§  Both some and any can be used in interrogative sentences. If we expect an answer in yes. We use some.

(a)    I am feeling very thirsty. Could you give me some water?

(b)    Can you do this work yourself? Do you need any help?

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