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UPTET Solved Questions Papers for 2011 2013 2014 2016 2017

UPTET Solved Questions Papers for 2011 2013 2016 2017

हिंदी में UPTET All Previous year papers i.e. UPTET 2011, UPTET 2013, UPTET 2014  and UPTET 2016 Question Paper are brought to you. This is a page where you can get all the old papers of UPTET i.e. Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test. We have created a collection of UPTET Solved Questions Papers for 2011 2013 2016 2017 with answers and solutions.

UPTET Solved Questions Papers

UPTET has been organised two times i.e. one in the year of 2011 and other in year 2013. is happy to provide you Question Papers of 2011 and 2013 with detailed description. The solution of the papers are provided by our sister concern website i.e.

UPTET Solved Questions Papers 2013 in Hindi

UPTET Question Paper for Year 2013 has five sections. i.e. Bal Vikas Section (बाल विकास व अभिज्ञान ), English Language (अंग्रेजी भाषा ), Hindi Language (हिंदी भाषा ), Maths (गणित ) and Environmental Studies (पर्यावरण शिक्षा). All the four section have thirty objective question. In the solution part of UPTET Answers of Objective Questions are given as well a detailed explanation is also given. Below are the links for pdf files of UPTET 2013 Solved Question Papers, which you can download for free. Click on the links below to download UPTET Solved Question Paper for 2013. Since the date of UPTET 2015 is announced which going to happen in Feb 2016 hence you can also call it UPTET 2016 or UPTET Feb 2016. So that you can prepare well we are providing you Previous Year Question Papers for UPTET for Level 1 (Primary Level) and Level 2 (upper primary). So prepare well for UPTET 2016 because only after clearing the UPTET 2016 you will be able to become a teacher at state level or in other words it is compulsory for Uttar Pradesh State Teachers to clear Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test. You can also download UPTET Study Material for Environmental Science(पर्यावरण विज्ञानं), Study Material for English Language, Theory Notes for Hindi Bhasha, Study Material for Mathematics in Hindi i.e. गणित, Study Material for Child Development and Pedagogy (बाल विकास एवं शिक्षा शास्त्र),  UPTET Previous Year Question Papers, UPTET Sample Paper & Model Paper in Hindi, UPTET 2011 and 2013 Paper for Paper 2 or Upper Primary Level

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Download UPTET Previous Year Papers

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UPTET Solved Questions Papers 2011 in pdf

The Fully Solved Question Papers for UPTET 2011 also has five sections. i.e. Bal Vikas Section , English Language, Hindi Language, Maths and Environmental Studies. There are total of thirty objective question in each of the section. The solutions of question papers are arranged in the manner that first of all Unsolved Paper is given. After that the correct answers are given for all the 150 questions. And finally solution for individual question is given in Hindi. Previous Year Question Papers help you a lot in understanding UPTET Patterrn. From these Previous Year Question Papers you also get a fair idea about the latest syllabus for UP TET.

Download Link for UPTET 2011 Solved Question Paper

Download Link for UPTET 2014 Solved Question Paper

UPTET 2016 Question Paper

Download UPTET December 2016 Question Paper in Hindi- Paper 1

Download UPTET December 2016 Question Paper in Hindi- Paper 2

Download UPTET December 2016 Question Paper Answer Keys

UPTET 2017 Question Paper and Answer Keys

Download UPTET Sample Papers

You will be happy to know that soon will provide download links for UPTET Sample Papers or Mock Test Papers with Answers for UPTET 2015. Take a look at sample papers for UPTET and keep visiting for more and more sample papers question papers with answers and previous year question papers for UPTET. Also visit for All india TET Study Material, Question Papers, Sample Papers, Latest Syllabus, Latest News, Latest Pattern and more for Andhra Pradesh TET or APTET, Chhatisgarh TET or CGTET, CTET, Haryana TET or HTET, Kerala TET or KTET, Punjab TET or PTET/PSTET, Tamil Nadu TET or TNTET.

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Sample for UPTET Sample Papers

Ques 1. Adjective of Body

  1. Corporal
  2. Bodily
  3. Corporeal
  4. All of these

Ans Exp. (2) Adjective of Body Bodily.

Ques 2. As unstable as …………..

  1. Water
  2. Mule
  3. Mercury
  4. Air

Answer Exp. (3) As unstable as mercury.

Ques 3. Give one-word substitution to the following Life history of a man written by himself is called

  1. Bibliography
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Biography
  4. Autobiography

Ans Exp. (4) Autobiography It is a life history written by oneself.

Ques 4. Change the following into passive voice Rita writes a letter to him everyday.

  1. To him a letter was written by Rita everyday
  2. A letter was written to him by Rita everyday
  3. A letter is written to him by Rita everyday.
  4. He is being written a letter by Rita everyday.

Ans Exp. (3) A letter is written to him by Rita everyday.

Download Link for CTET Previous Year Question Papers providing you link for Central Teacher Eligibility Test or CTET Previous Year Question Papers. If you want to become teacher for Primary Stage you have to clear CTET Paper-1 on the other hand if you want to become teacher for Elementary Stage you have to clear CTET Paper-2 . But if you have Minimum Eligibility for CTET and want to be a teacher both levels i.e. either Primary Stage or at Elementary Stage then immediate next required thing will also be Structure and Content for CTET, Detailed Syllabus for of CTET, a quality Study Material for CTET and CTET Model Paper/ CTET Practice Paper / Ctet Previous Year Question Paper.

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