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  • Microsoft Windows Video Lectures
    •          Desktop, Task bar, Icons, Quick Launch, Clock, Click, Right Click, Double Click, Drag, Pointing. How to Open and Shut Down Computer, Restart, Log Off, Stand By. My Computer, Drives, My Documents, File, Folder, Path, Pen Drive, Memory Card etc. MS Paint : Title Bar, Menu bar, Tool Box, Color Box, Status Bar, Using Pencil, Eraser, Increase/Decrease Eraser Size, Rectangle/Square, Ellipse/Circle, Hollow, White filled, Color Filled, Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, Line/Thickness of Line, Curve, Text/Changing Font-Size etc., Spray Tool, Pick Color, Zoom Tool, Rectangle Select, Free Form Select, Moving/Deleting a Particular Portion, Brush Tool. Creating a New File, Opening a file, Saving a File, Difference between Save and Save As, Print Preview, Printing a File, Page Setup, Setting as Background, Meaning of Grayed out, What is Portrait, Landscape, Centering Horizontal/Vertical, Paper Sizes(A4, Letter, Legal etc.), Scaling, Margins, Undo, Redo,  Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear Selection, Select All, Copy to, Paste From, Show Hide Tool Box/Color Box/Status Bar/Text Tool Box, Zoom, Large Size, Custom, Show Grid, Show Thumbnail, View Bitmap, Flip/Rotate, Stretch/Skew, Inverse Colors, Attributes, Clear Image, Draw Opaque, Creating Custom Color, Getting Help. Themes, Desktop (Background, Color, Pattern), Customize Desktop (Desktop icons, Change Icon, Restore Default) Screen Saver (Screen Saver Settings, Wait, Password Protection), Appearance (Windows Buttons, Color Scheme, Fonts), Effects, Smooth Edges of Fonts, Use Large Icons, Shadows, Show Window Content while Dragging) Appearance(3d Objects, Active Title Bar, Active Window Border, Application Background, Caption Buttons, Desktop, Icon, Icon Spacing, Menu, Message Box, Scroll Bar, Selected Items, Tool Tip, Window), Screen Resolution, Color Quality. Taskbar Properties (Lock Taskbar, Auto Hide, Keep the taskbar on top, Group Similar Taskbar buttons, Show Quick Launch, Show Clock, Hide Inactive Icons, Customization of Start Menu) Control Panel (Date-Time Settings, Keyboard Settings, Mouse Settings, Power Option, Sound Settings, Windows Firewall) User Creation (Administrator, Limited Account), Change Name, Create Password, Change Picture, Change Account Type, Delete Account File Folder Creation, Path, Properties, Rename, Delete, Create Shortcut, Cut, Copy, Paste, Send to, Back, Forward, Up, Search, folders, Selection of File/Folder, Recycle Bin, Explore a Folder, File/Folder Views

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