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UPTET Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Paper 2 Question Answer

 UPTET Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Paper 2 Question Answer

UPTET Exam Date is announced and is going to be held on December 19, 2016. So all the TET aspirants who are planning and preparing for UPTET 21016 are searching for Best UPTET Study Material. So this time has come with its new UPTET Study Material and Notes with Exercise for Paper 2. Which is a comprehensive Study Material in Hindi PDF. Simply UPTET Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Paper 2 Question Answer post is having the complete UPTET Study Material for Paper 2. Through which you can easily crack UPTET 2016. This  UPTET Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Paper 2 Question Answer post is helpful for UPTET(Uttar Pradesh Teachers Eligibility Test) Paper 2 i.e. Teacher Selection for Class 7 to 8 (VI-VIII) (Mathematics and Science) You can also check UPTET Study Material in Hindi PDF

UPTET Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Paper 2 Question Answer
UPTET Chapter Wise Study Material Notes Paper 2 Question Answer

Contents/Index for UPTET Study Material for Paper 2

UPTET 2014 Paper 2 Solved Question Paper

Part 1 : Child Development and Pedagogy

Child Development

Concept of Development, What is Child Development, Scope of Child Development, Principles of Child Development, Influence of Heredity and Environment on Child Development, How Learning is Co-related to Development, Socialisation Process, Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky: Constructs and Critical Prespectice, Kohlbergs Theory of Moral Development, Concept of Child-centered-Education, Conceptt ofProgressive Education, Intelligence, Multiple Intelligence, Relationship between Language and Thought, Gender as a Social construct: Gender Roles, Gender-bias and Educational Practice, Individual Difference Assesment, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE).

Concept of Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with Special Needs

What is Meant by Inclusive Education, Target Groups, Addressing Learners from Diverse Background including Disadvantaged and Deprived, Laws Relating to Deprived and Disadvantaged Sections, Equalisation of Educational Opportunities, Girls Education: Present Situation, Constitutional Provisions, Education of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Others Backward Sections, Promoting Education amoun Backward Minorities, Major Interventions, Addressing the Needs of Children with Learning Difficulties, Impairments etc, What inhibits Learning, Prevention, Early Identification and Intervention, Education, Training and Employment,Legislative, Actions Concessions, Addressing the Talented, Creative and Specially Abled Learners, Creative and Talented, Traits Common, to Gifted Children, How to Tackle Gifted/Talented Children in the Classroom, Techniques for Parents.

Learning and Peadagogy

How Children Thing and Learn, Communication and Interaction, Listening and Concentrating, Schedule Pressures, Active Learning, How and Why Children Fail to Achieve Success in School Performance, How to Teach Different Subjects, Basic Processes of Teaching and Learning, Learning Theories, Freuds view of Learning: Discovery of the Unconscious, Transfer of Learning, Congnition and Emotion, Motivation and Learning Factors Contributing to Learning Process, Teachers Duties and Responsibilities.

Part 2 : Language 1 (English)

Unseen Passage(Prose)

Unseen Passage (Poetry)

Pedagogy of Language Development

What is Language, Difference between Acquisition and Learing, Role of Listening and Speaking, Challenges of Teaching in a Diverse Classroom, Language Skills, Teaching Learning Material

Part 3 : Language 2 (हिंदी)

अपठित गद्यांश

अपठित पद्यांश

शिक्षा शास्त्र

अधिगम एवं अर्जन, भाषा शिक्षण के सिधांत, भाषा के कार्य एवं इसके विकास में बोलने एवं सुनने की भूमिका, भाषा अधिगम में व्याकरण की भूमिका, भाषाई विविधता वाले कक्षा-कक्ष की समस्यां, भाषा कौशल, भाषा बौध (बोलना, सुनना, पढना एवं दिखने) में प्रवीणता का मूल्याङ्कन, शिक्षानक-सहायता सामग्री, उपचारात्मक शिक्षण

Part 4 : Mathematics

Number System : Digit, Roman Numbers, Commutative Property, To Find Unit Digit, Fractions, Recurring Decimal, Factor, ICM, HCF, Square Indices

Algebra: Polynomial, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem, Linear Equation, Mehods to Solve Linear Equations in Two Variables, Quadratic Equation, Operations on Algebraic Expressions, HCF and LCM of Algebraic Expressions

Ratio and Proportion: Classification of Ratios, Average, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Simple Interst Compound Interest, Partnership, Mixture

Geometry: Place, Curve, Point, Line, Ray, Angle, Plane, Figures, Trangle, Pythagoras Theorem Quadrilateral Circle, Polygon, Symmetry
Mensuration: Area, Perimeter, Volume, Surface Area


Data Handling: Data Reprsentation, Pictograph, Interpretation of a Pictograph, Organising Data, Grouping of Data Mesures of Central Tendency

Pedagogical Issues: Nature of Mathematics, Place of Mathematics in Curriculum, Language of Mathematics Community Mathematics, Evalution, Problems of Teaching Mathematics, Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching

Part 5: Science Study Material for UPTET Paper 2

Contents: Food, Materials, Daily use Materials, The Living World, Moving Things, People and Ideas How The Things Work, Natural Resources, Natural Phenomena

Pedagogical Issues: Nature and Structure of Science, Aims And Objectives, Appoaches/Integrated Approach Method of Science, Innovation, Micro Teaching, Computer Assited Instraction (CAI) Text Materials/Aids Evaluation, Remedial Teaching

UPTET Paper 2 Feb 2014 Original Paper with Solutions and Answers in English

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