CDS General English Spotting The Errors Of Noun Practice Set 1

CDS General English Spotting The Errors Of Noun Practice Set 1

CDS General English Spotting The Errors Of Noun Practice Set 1 : The error of noun is the first exercise of Practice set of CDS Paper by which candidate score high marks.

CDS General English Spotting The Errors Of Noun Practice Set 1
CDS General English Spotting The Errors Of Noun Practice Set 1

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General English “SPOTTING THE ERROR” Practice set for CDS Candidate


CDS General English Practice set-1 of Spotting the Error with Solution


Directions (S.No. – 1-30) Which part of the given sentence has an error? In case, there is no error, choose option (d).

  1. Order has been issued (a)/for his transfer to another district (b)/ but he has not received them so far. (c)/No error (d)
  2. Although she has studied (a)/English for almost a year (b)/she is yet to learn the alphabets. (c)/No error (d)
  3. There are two scores of books (a)/which are lying (b)/unused in the library. (c)/No error. (d)
  4. Children are prone (a)/ to making mischiefs. (b)/ if they have nothing to do. (c)/No error. (d)
  5. Sheeps are economically useful (a)/ and so they are reared (b)/ in the hills. (c)/ No error. (d)
  6. I have not gone through (a)/ and so they are reared (b)/ of its content. (c)/ No error. (d)
  7. I shall not attend the meeting (a)/ since I have many works to complete (b)/ within allotted time. (c)/No error (d)
  8. You should always be (a)/ true to your words (b)/ if you are to succeed in life. (c)/ No error (d)
  9. It is a pity (a)/ that even five years old boys (b)/ are engaged in hazardous factories. (c)/ No error (d)
  10. I gave him (a)/ two hundred rupees notes (b)/ for deposting. (c)/ No error (d)
  11. It is not my business (a)/ to give an advice to those (b)/ who are not sensible enough to deal with their own problems. (c)/ No error (d)
  12. I don’t think (a)/ it is your house. (b)/ it is somebody else’s. (c)/ No error (d)
  13. She misplaced her spectacle (a)/ and is now feeling (b)/ great difficulty in studying. (c)/ No error (d)
  14. Arabian Nights are (a)/ a collection of (b)/ very interesting episodes of adventure. (c)/ No error (d)
  15. I hope to visit (a)/ my uncle only next year (b)/ during summer vacations. (c)/ No error (d)
  16. Ration has run out (a)/ and the District Magistrate (b)/ has been informed. (c)/ No error (d)
  17. The table’s wood (a)/ is infested with mite (b)/ and I am likely to dispose it off. (c)/ No error (d)
  18. I can’t come to you now (a)/because a lot of works (b)/remains to be done. (c)/ N0 error (d)
  19. A farmer was leading oxes (a)/ to his field for ploughing (b)/ early in the morning. (c)/ No error (d)
  20. My sister-in-laws (a)/who live in Mumbai (b)/have come to stay with us. (c)/ No error (d)
  21. This article (a)/is not available (b)/in any of the shop in the market. (c)/No error (d)
  22. The morale of the army (a)/was high because the news (b)/coming from the front are very encouraging. (c)/No error (d)
  23. A flock of lions (a)/roamed about (b)/fearlessly in the jungle. (c)/No error (d)
  24. I have done my best ;(a)/the whole thing is now (b)/in the laps of God. (c)/No error (d)
  25. A trained gang of sailors (a)/was employed (b)/on the ship. (c)/No error (d)
  26. Interview for (a)/the posts of lectures (b)/will begin form Monday. (c)/ No error (d)
  27. What (a)/is the criteria (b)/of selection in the examination? (c)/No error (d)
  28. Satyajit Ray, who conceived, number of good films, was (b)/one of India’s most talented film-maker. (c)/No error (d)
  29. One of the most (a)/widespread bad habit (b)/is the use of tobacco. (c)/ No error (d)
  30. The books (a)/that you need (b)/ are kept on the table (c)/ No error (d)

EXPLANATIONS of Spotting the error Practice set-1

  1. (a) When a person is assigned to a new station, he receives his ‘orders’. This is a set of instructions including where to be, when to be there etc. So, the correct sentence would be ‘Orders have been issued ……. .’
  2. (c) ‘Alphabet’ is the set of letters in a language. English alphabet has 26 letters from A-Z. In the given sentence, we will use ‘alphabets’.
  3. (a) When a quantity is given before ‘score’ like ‘2’ or ‘5’ etc, ‘score’ is not used in the plural form. Hence, we would use ‘score’ in the place of ‘scores’ in the given sentence.
  4. (b) The word ‘mischief’ does not have a plural form. Hence, ‘mischief would be used.
  5. (a) The plural of ‘sheep’ is ‘sheep’. In the given sentence, the word ‘Sheep’s’ would be replaced by ‘Sheep.
  6. (c) The word ‘content’ is used in its plural form ‘contents’ when it is used to mean ‘something contained’. So, the given sentence will have ‘contents’ instead of ‘content’.
  7. (b) As ‘work’ is an uncountable noun we need to use ‘much work’ instead of ‘many works’.
  8. (b) ‘True to your word’ means ‘promise’. In the given sentence, we would replace ‘true to your words’ by ‘true to your words’ by ‘true to your word’.
  9. (b) As we know that in a compound noun, a compound word is not used in plural if a noun does the work of an adjective. In the given sentence, ‘five years old’ is an adjective of noun ‘boys’. So, ‘five year old’ would be used instead of ‘five year old’ would be used instead of ‘five years old’.
  10. (b) In the given sentence, ‘two hundred rupees’ is used as an adjective of the noun ‘notes’. So, it should be ‘two hundred rupee’. (For explanation refer to Ans. 9).
  11. (b) As ‘advice’ is an uncountable noun, the article ‘an’ would not be used before it.
  12. (c) The possessive pronoun in the given sentence ‘somebody else’s’ is incorrectly used. Its correct usage will be ‘somebody else’s’.
  13. (a) The correct usage of ‘spectacle’ is ‘spectacles’.
  14. (a) The book ‘Arabian Nights’ is a singular noun. So ‘are’ would be replaced by ‘is’.
  15. (c) The correct use of ‘vacations’ is ‘vacation’.
  16. (a) Rations have run out’ should be used.
  17. (a) ‘The table’s wood’ does not seem appropriate. It should be replaced by ‘The wood of the table’ which makes sense.
  18. (b) As ‘work’ is an uncountable noun, ‘because a lot of work’ would be used.
  19. (a) The plural of ‘ox’ is ‘oxen’. In the sentence, ‘oxes’ is used instead of oxen’ which is incorrect.
  20. (a) The plural of sister-in-law would be sisters-in-law. So, we would replace ‘sister-in-laws’ by ‘sisters-in-law’.
  21. (c) ‘Any’ refers to a number of things (here shops).So, we would replace ‘shop’ by ‘shops’.
  22. (c) ‘News’ is used as a singular noun. So, ‘coming from the front is very encouraging’ would be used.
  23. (a) ‘Pride’ is the right word to refer to a group of lions. So, we would replace ‘flock’ by ‘pride’.
  24. (c) ‘Laps’ is incorrect. It should be changed to ‘lap’.
  25. (a) A group of sailors is called a crew. So, we would replace ‘gang’ my ‘crew’.
  26. (b) ‘Posts’ should be replaced by ‘post’ to make the sentence correct.
  27. (b) ‘Criteria’ should be replaced by ‘criterion’ to make the sentence correct.
  28. (c) ‘Film-maker’ should be changed to ‘film-makers’.
  29. (b) ‘One of’ takes a plural noun. So, we would change ‘habit’ to ‘habits’.
  30. (d) No error.


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