Increase uTorrent Download Speed Faster for Heavy Downloads

Increase uTorrent Download Speed Faster for Heavy Downloads

Torrents are best practiced and preferred download mechanism used by today’s  young generation. Weather you talk about Movie Download, Heavy Software Download, Mobile App Download through torrents is used by maximum users. Though their are several torrent down-loaders but the key features while user choose its torrent downloader. The most prefered key feature user want in torrent down-loader is Faster Downloads and Automatic Bandwidth Management, secondly user can also be felt bad with ads so user prefers torrent down-loader with No ads, third and most important feature user seaks in torrent down-loader is Protection from Viruses and Malware. All of these features are available with uTorrent. uTorrent is available for all the Platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc. Usually uTorrent is used for Heavy Downloads which takes lot of time. Some times it takes hours and even several days to download. This could be because of slow internet connection but can also be caused by incorrect uTorrent settings. So some the most common questions strike in mind like how to Increase uTorrent Download Speed Faster for Heavy Downloads , How to optimize uTorrent Faster Downloads Settings for maximum download speeds in fact faster torrent trackers could be very useful to speed up slow or dead torrent.


Increase uTorrent Download Speed Faster for Heavy Downloads
Increase uTorrent Download Speed Faster for Heavy Downloads

Step by step Settings to Optimize uTorrent for Maximum Download Speed

Adding Faster Torrent Trackers

Open uTorrent using uTorrent Shortcut
Initiate the Download and Check your download speed under “Down Speed

Go to Properties : Right Click on Download Name and Click on Properties

In “General” Tab you find the List of trackers i.e. “Trackers” box. And at the end of list Copy-Paste these Faster Download Trackers into the box. Don’t worry for duplicates. The basic thrust of the matter is that more Faster Download Trackers, the more chances to increase/enhance your uTorrent Download Speed.

Next : Check your uTorrent Download Speed again hopefully you will have better Increased uTorrent Download Speed. Enjoy!!!

Video : Increase uTorrent Download Speed Faster for Heavy Downloads

Increase uTorrent Download Speed Settings

Test Internet Connection Speed

To Test you Internet Connection Download & Upload Speed use Take an average of your Internet Connection Download/Upload Speed (Make sure you have measure your internet Download/Upload Speed more than thrice so that you may get the exact Internet connection Download/Upload Speed). Remember to measure Internet Connection Download/Upload Speed in kilobits or kb/s. Note Down your Internet connection Upload Speed.

Adjust uTorrent Upload Speed Settings

Go to Options–>Setup Guide and click on Upload Speed. You will see a drop-down menu in uTorrent Options->Setup guide->Upload Speed Settings. Now select the uTorrent Upload Speed which closely/almost equal to your Internet Upload Speed measured in Previous Step. Change the Port Number with any number greater than 10000. Save your uTorrent Upload Speed Settings and Close.

uTorrent Bandwidth Settings for Inhance uTorrent Download Speed

Go to Options->Bandwidth and change settings as given below
uTorrent Maximum Upload Rate (MUR) – 10
uTorrent Maximum Download Rate (MDR) – 2000
uTorrent Global Maximum Number of Connections – 2329
uTorrent Maximum connected Peers per Torrent to 275
uTorrent Maximum Upload Slots per Torrent – 14
and Save these uTorrent settings to Increase or Speed up uTorrent Download Speed.

uTorrent Optimized Advanced Settings to Increase Download Speed

Go to Options->Preferences->Advanced and change the uTorrent Settings as given below
bt.connect_speed – 80
net.max_halfopen – 100
Click on Apply to save uTorrent Settings. Congrats you are about to get the maximum possible uTorrent Download Speed.

Set uTorrent Queuing Options Settings to Increase uTorrent Download Speed

Go to Options->Preferences->Queuing and change the uTorrent Queuing Settings to enhance/increase Download speed
Maximum Number of Active Downloads – 1
Click on Apply and OK to save the uTorrent Queuing Options/settings.

uTorrent Best Adjustment of Connection Options for Best Download Speeds

Go to Options->Preferences->connection and change the uTorrent Settings to Optimize Download Speed
Check the Check box/enableUPnP port Mapping. You are just one step away to uTorrent Best ever Download Speeds.

Prioritize the uTorrent

Right Click on the torrent, select Bandwidth Allocation and set to High. By doing this you are actually bypassing any existing current uTorrent Settling/Schedules by right-clicking the torrent and select Force Start. Hurre!!! the job is Done. Enjoy Increased or Maximum Download Speed ever of uTorrent.

More Tips and Tricks for uTorrent Maximum Download Speed

Connect directly to your modem or router instead of WiFi to ensure maximum internet connectivity and maximum uTorrent Download Speed.

Stop/Pause other Download Activity if any.

Also check if any kind of software update is running in the background pause it as well.

More Tips and Tricks




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